I’m new to this whole T2 Diabetes thing I was diagnosed last year along with heart failure. Just got out of the hospital Saturday I went in Friday for a consultation about putting a defibrillator in me and ended up being n the hospital overnight for observation until Saturday when a cardiologist came to my room and we bumped heads I think he was mad because I was tired of waiting I don’t believe he even looked at my ECO test if he did he didn’t take his time, anyway I walked out with still no idea what was causing my issues I was having which was chest pains, dehydration, my memory has been terrible the last couple months, sweating profusely, headaches, no energy which has been a continued issue for a year or so but has gotten worse in the last few months… I checked my blood sugar at midnight and it’s 306 I’m just going to wait til I get the kids up for school and see how I feel I don’t feel bad now just fatigued I guess… Well nice to meet you all my name is Frank I look forward to conversations and learning things I can do.


Welcome Frank. This is a safe space to vent.

I have been diagnosed T2 diabetic for about 10 years now. Just a few questions if I may understand.

What is your treatment for your diabetes? Do you have a regular cardiologist who follows you for your heart failure?

306 is a high blood sugar and that can cause heart palpitations and sweating.

In addition, your physician was an idiot. Never walk out in a situation like that. Next time insist on speaking to a supervisor. They have an obligation to treat you (I assume you were in an ED.

Also, if I may make a suggestion, try to sit on your frustration in a situation such as this. Not saying you didn’t have a right to be frustrated, but so do the docs. Having worked in ED I know they sometimes have patients with imminent life threatening issues they have to treat first. You cannot even imagine the kind and number of patients they may have seen before you. Trust me when I say they get frustrated too.

Hope that helps and again welcome.


Agreed. ED can be a very frustrating and stressful situation as EVERYONE is waiting for answers. The symptoms you are describing with fatigue, memory loss ,etc are also consistent with high blood sugar levels. I also agree with talking to a supervisor and or asking for clarification if you dont understand what a doctor is saying to you. Ask questions too. YOU are your best advocate.


Hi Frank. I will pray to Jesus and Mary that you find out what’s wrong with you and that you get a good doctor. Probably you should see a doctor now as you BS is 300…that’s extremely high…please see another doctor now…Christ be with you. May Mary comfort you.💝


Hello Frank …Dee here believe me I know your frustration something similar happened to me …everyone thinks things can just change overnight…you have a life time of habits good or bad …so adjusting is gonna take work and time…always try to stay persistent and positive…take suggestions but find what works for you…hope to hear from you soon


Hi Frank, I know exactly how you feel. I had a similar experience with a cardiologist right after my heart bypass. He was a jerk. He prescribed for me two of the medications that have been recalled. I had so many side effects I explained to him I couldn’t continue taking it. His answer was to increase the dosage. I left his office, stopped taking the meds and it has been over two years since I’ve seen a regular cardiologists. I did have to see one in the ED once since that time. He was really great. However, I did instruct the ED that my cardiologist of record wasn’t to be called or notified. They complied. I now have an appointment with a female cardiologist I’m looking forward to. I’m told she is the head of the department. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


It’s been my experience the nurse practitioner is much easier to deal with. They’re more understanding. I take 2000 mg of cinnamon three times a day. May I ask how old you are? and are you female?


Oops, I see now your name is Frank. Diabetes and heart disease go hand-in-hand. I know for me exercise and supplements help along with some medication for my doctor.


I am glad to have found this forum.

My doctor informed me that I am
Pre-Diabetic and prescribed
Trulicity. Today, I injected my second dose.
However, reading further about this med, I grew concerned about it’s severe possible side effects.

Any thoughts on this?


Hey Frank, this AJ here…I hope your feeling better 2day. Plz do me a favor & find a Cardiologists & get your heart checked out. They all go hand n hand.

T2 Diabetes has dry mouth, thirsty constantly, potty, can cause heart problems, dry skin, & much more

I’ve had T2 for 13yrs…I’m on insulin & higher the #, worse it is for u. R u taking anything? If not, get 2 Endro Doc or a Internal Doc…who can work with u & point u in the right direction.

For the health of your children & family.



If you are only pre-diabetic I am surprised that they started you on Trulicity. Only because most doctors start with a small dose of Metformin which comes in a generic form and is, therefore, much less expensive and fewer side effects.

I just started taking Victoza which is similar to Trulicity and also has multiple side effects potentially. My experience has been that every person responds differently and I am currently having no problems.

I would suggest you talk to your doctor about it. There may be a reason he chose that specific med for you. However, if cost is a concern for you then ask about something that comes is a generic.

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I’ve been on Trulcity (sp) for 3 years with no known side effects.

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Hello Frank give me a call I can give you some answers

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Thanks for all the comments they are very much appreciated! I will take everyone’s advice.

After three years with t2 I finally figure out we all have to watch our carb and sugar intake I worry more about sugar which I never eat much but the carb we’re killing me so I gave up rice,potatoes,and pasta and it’s working my morning reading have been under 130 mg If anyone has any other suggestions I Dudley will appreciate it Happy New Years to all praying for a good New Years for all good bye thanks