Heartatack at 30yrs old

So March 13th 20019 i had two strokes,
Aug 16 2019 i have a heartatack, wonderful huh.
So the best part is ive never had high bp, or cholesterol.
Ive been on metoprolol since i was like 15yrs old cuz my heart skipped sometimes. So i was up to 50mg twice a day… Not anymore.
They did a heart cath, (those things suck, healing wise)
Found a clot, in the right side of my heart.
said i have heart failure,
did heprin iv for a few days,
then they put me on warfarin, today is my 3rd day on it and im getting my INR checked monday…
In the mean time i get to ware this lovely life vest hopefully only for the next 3 months…
Its like sleeping on rocks.


Praying for you. You are blessed and I believe GOD has a plan for your life. HE will show you, just trust in HIM.


Thank you so much.


So did they take you off the metoprolol?
After being on it for years I was taken off by my primary who told me that might be part of my cough.
Believe it or not it has helped a lot. I am still having skipped beats, fast heart rate, and quivering of my heart.
I am just praying that I will not have a heart attack because of it all. I see my cardiologist soon we will see if he argrees with it.
The other think that worries me is stroke.
My oler brother died from heart attack and one of my older sisters died from stroke.
My younger sister also has the heart problem I have.
Seems my whole family is a waiting time bomb. My mothers dad died of heart attack, and her mother had 3 strokes. However she died of old age at 98 years of age.
Stay well and gentle hugs.

Well no im still on metoprolol but on the 25mg extended release…
My mom has strokes, but not caused by her heart, my dad died a couple of yrs ago due to being told he was diabetic and put on sugar meds for 10yrs when he wasnts and it basically killed all function of his liver and kidneys and he died, my uncle mark died of a heart attack, gma and gpa im not sure, but i remember my dad telling me gpa hed a heart like mine, it would skip, but other then that im the only one with the heart problems, i also have muscular dystrophy, and asthma, and eczema, im just a walking medical problem basically lol
Well other then i cant walk. So im a rolling medical problem. ♿

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Well I see you are like me a lot on your plate. I use a cane when my sciatica is in a flare. But have been having balance problems of late. Sometimes I need to hold on to the wall or furniture to make it where I can sit down. So I have been using the cane. Thinking a walker may be in my near future. Since I am 4 months shy of 70 I feel that I have done well. But I am not giving up walking untill I have too.
Stay well and gentle hugs.


Seems your doin good for your age tho.
Keep fightin girl!

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I will, I am a survivor from way back. I never quit, when I hit the brick wall I tutn around and find another way.
Praying for you to keep going and never give up.
Stay well and gentle hugs.

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I wore a life vest as well … I cardio myopathy… also had 80 percent blockage in my artery as well as a difibula implant along with meds … I feel ya but the good thing IS WE’RE STILL BREATHING. Hang in there my friend it gets better.

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Wow 80% blockage.
I just had the lil clot and my heart wanted to to be weak all of a sudden.
I dont have any fluid bult up, or blockage, or any of the other normal heart stuff…
Makes no sense…
But yup were still here…

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11 years ago in 2008 at age 61 a stress test revealed blockages. Cardiologist treated with meds. Resumed all activities with no limitations. Thru hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2009, biked across the US in 2010, rehiked 230 mile on AT in 2011 before starting a nonprofit in 2013.

In 2014 completed a hike from San Francisco to San Diego along the coast before returning home. Now the fun begins! In 2015 A heart cath revealed blockages. OPEN HEART SURGERY-5 BYPASSES. SUCCESSFUL!!! However, 4 months later, a graft failed. Stent inserted.

3 months later I completed a 7 day hike on the AT. I take my medication and all seems well. No pain or discomfort or shortness of breath. At age 72 (Valentine baby) I’m feeling blessed. 😊


Wow you get around, i could only dream of doing that kinda stuff, i bet its beautiful out there, being in the open with nothing but the nature… That would be amazing.!.

Im a new yrs baby… January 1st

I can help you

Hi. Heart attack in Sept 2019 ending with triple bypass. I am 70 but had myself put on statins about 22 years ago due to familial heart history.

However, 2 weeks following discharge from the hospital, someone told me about an expanded blood test to look for particle size issues with LDLs. My cardiologist ordered the test and it turned out that particle size was not my problem; however, a gene marker for lipoprotein(a) was present. Treatment for this means lowering your LDL’s significantly more than statins can provide. I take 40 mg of rosuvastatin daily and this will lower my LDL’s but not sufficiently. Add to that I am now taking a drug, brand name: Prauluent, which is an injectable taken every 14 days. I give it to myself with an injectable pen which is easy as can be. Another drug called Repatha is also a possibility for this condition.

I just started the drugs so I cannot tell you how it is working as yet. I can tell you that I saw a geneticist at the University of Pennsylvania by the name of Dr. Dan Rader, MD. He has studied lipid problems for his entire career. He tells me that a more appropriate number for LDLs with people with my particular gene marker is somewhere between 30-40. This cannot be achieved by statins alone.

I would recommend that anyone with a heart attack at an age before 50 should most certainly have a blood test to look for gene markers because the treatments you then receive are more attuned to your particular problem and more likely to help you reduce your LDL‘s to the level that is required. The younger you are, the more effective and the more time you have to treat this before severe atherosclerosis develops. These expanded blood tests are not routinely a part of a lipid panel and must be specially prescribed by your cardiologist. So ask about it!

In my case there is still time to prevent further heart attacks and strokes and these drugs that I am now taking are much more likely to prevent my sticky cholesterol from massing in my arteries and causing further blockages. Some also have the potential to reverse atherosclerosis but this does not happen for every individual.

Even more importantly, I have sons and nieces and nephews who whose lives can be altered by taking these blood tests early. One son is 41 and another is 39. I have called all my cousins nieces and nephews and many have already gotten the expanded lipid panel testing. So many of my older cousins have had early heart attacks or atherosclerosis and not one had ever had an expanded lipid panel to look for a gene marker. Some of them are very likely to have this marker and that means their children or grandchildren could have inherited it as well.

I hope this posting will help you to take your health history into your own hands and search out the tests and the treatments that may have greater potential to ensure a healthy future.