Heart attack

Hi, had heart attack 5 years ago. Suffer with anxiety.


there are days I have anxiety. I try to keep positive. keeping my kids and grandkids in my heart


Cardiac Rehab Helps alot. We have a wonderful person head of rehab. She monitors our hearts, teaches breathing,
Educates us on what is good to eat. But not all hospitals are the same. Ask questions on what rehab does. I live in small community,
Small but great hospital.


Restring techniques really work, relaxation, prayer/meditstikn


I also have aniexty which sucks… here if u need to chat


I know how you feel but at least you are still here


Prayers work


Hi, I had a heart attack in September of 2016, I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago, my blood pressure was 116/ 62 and my doctor put me back on a low dose of Lisinopril. He said it was good for my heart. I started taking them. I couldn’t stand up I got sick as a dog. I passed out once. I can’t take this. My question is why put me on bp meds when my BP is low.

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I suffer from panic disorder and for two days it wouldn’t go away. I took my Xanax and no help. I went to the er and sure enough I was having a heart attack. Two stints later and five days in icu and I’m scared to death. I’m alone now since my dear husband died December 23,2018… I guess what I’m saying is don’t take it for granted that it’s a panic attack. Go to the er and be sure. Best wishes.

so sorry for your loss. being alone does nlt help things. when i was dealing woth my parents estate, i thought to myself, qhat so i do, iask my parents which are both deceased, what should i do, it is wierd but somehow they answer. for you i Say
to husband what should i do. prayers to ypu

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That is my question too. I have low BP.

mine is low too. i try exercise, i can only do it for so long. lately my pulse has been way up. things are about to change, they want to put a CRT pacemaker in. in my research. sounds like a great idea. i meet the requirements. ef%, medication and diet.

Just keep Focusing on God faithfully when you are down. He will never leave us alone or forget about us…Trust and Believe!

I studied up on everything the say was wrong with me I go to library and do research, it helps

Hi yes it dose and when you tell people you have stress or anxiety they tell you it’s all in your mind. am a 45 year old female who dis recently found out I have hypertension the other day my BP was 190 / 128 doctor put me on meds. My job is very stressful I got placed in the position that I wasn’t ready for under so much stress that I keep on messing up at work don’t want to lose my job just need time to get my medications under control and my life don’t know what to do any suggestions also I’m the only one that has income that makes me even more stressed help