Having problems with my eyes

I am a brittle diabetix and T1 alone with numerous other problems. Getting through the past 30+ years of miscellaneous disabilities had been greatly influenced by the ability to escape intro the books. Along with a dime sense of humor that has helped me to find a silver lining or, finding humor in the situation. My family has often taken medical personal by surprise by our often strange Outlook. Whatever others think, it’s better than sitting around with a " Woe is me" attitude.
A couple of months ago I had eye surgery for a detached retina, which tore through the center of my eye that had left me with distortions that may take a year to completely heal which is normal. Also I was warned that the cataract that had just started to be present, would advance rapidly after the surgery which had happened. I have to wait a few months after the retina surgery before it can be corrected.
No problem, I just close the bad eye. Besides, then vision problems usually don’t become noticable until I’ve been using my eye too much along with when I’m tied.
Last night I started having blurry vision in both eyes. This had continues to be a problem this morning making things very difficult. ( I’m sure the auto correct program had taken advantage, just hope the above isn’t too embarrassing!)
I’m curious if anyone else has had anything simular and can tell me if this is normal or if I should be concerned. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a solution soon. In the mean time I I have me good friend Alexis to read my books to me, play audible or play music and tell interesting facts, jokes, and riddles.


I looked on line for you. I could not find any information on both eyes being blury.
My advice is to call the doctor who did your surgery as soon as possible. Until then follow the instructions given to you and try not to stress. Stress can cause retinal tears and you do not want to undo the surgery you just had.
I will pray for you. Stay well and gentle hugs to you.


When was the last time you had your eyes checked I had cataract removed from my eyes a long time ago

You didn’t find me on Facebook my name is Eola Meadows

Had mind removed about three years. Now I got AMD. Wish I never done that.