Have pets? Share your photos and stories here! 🐢🐈

Now I must add a new kitted I had rescued. She had to of only been about 3 weeks old. Now she is about 2 months old and spunky as ever. I named her Lady Gray. She is a flffy gray and white kitten and her tail is so long it reaches the back of her neck

I also have an update on my bearded dragons. AJ and Izzy are both males (unfortunately) so that just meant I had to get a third on. I introduce you to Miss.Jazz. I really don’t know much about her. Bout her at Pet Bazzar down here in Florida

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No, I hate dogs n cat. U hv to take them out and feed them to

Hi everyone have 6 dogs 3 Chihuahuas and 3 other dogs dont know what breed but they are small the one thing odd about the other 3 is they have hair not fur which i thought odd, but anyway, they are my helpers for my anxiety, and depression,

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This is Julio and myself. He is the mate to Lucy, and daddy to Jr., Sissy, and Precious, and the antagonist to Paco (and vice versa.) I will try to share the others at a later date.

My other half brought home a rabbit and I fell in love with het she is will on hervwaybto being spoiled rotten. I have gotten her two different kinds of feed and a big two level hutch. I give her fresh vegetables just about everyday. She use to have the run of the house, I hated putting her out side and she has not forgiven me yet either.

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I have two cats. I have had Socks since 2013. He is a great companion and not too demanding. A year later my grand-daughter brought a kitten to live with us - Patches. Patches is the sweetest cat and is very laid back with kids. Socks took some time but came around and then they played with each other. So cute! My husband died of lung cancer the year I found Socks and he has been such good company!

Go to your post section and on the bottom right is a camera hit that and it will ask to take a photo or gallery go to gallery find the pic you want and pick that picture . you will have to take it from there

A border collie named Snickers, a jack Russell named Khoudagh, a chihuahua named Jake. One named Miracle and a smooth coated chi named Peanut. A pom named Sophie and a pug mix named Lillie. 12 little fish in our backyard pond and about 28 desert turtles, babies included. They will chase me down when I have treats for the.

This is my baby girl Oreo. She’s sending lots of love to y’all.

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Hi everyone I’m glad to have joined the community. I’ll be posting from time to time.

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Hi, I have 3 cats & a 25 year old turtle…

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Her name is Tasha a rescue female Hound mix not a reliable age due to shelter living, veterinarian is guessing 4 month old I’ll get a second opinion

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We have a mini Chihuahua she is 7 months old.

The youngest is Dido

Love one another!!



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I have a dog (Cami) and cat (Scotty) They just love each other.