Have pets? Share your photos and stories here! 🐶🐈

I have a bunny named cookie.he has been a part of my family for nine years.hes very sweet and loves attention although he has panic attacks if picked up.ive taught him a few tricks,one being playing fetch!

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We inherited my father in laws dog Lexi,when he passed two years ago. He rescued her from a pound as an abused pup.she has been a God send for us.she loves us as much as we love her. I know daddies watches and is very pleased how good a life she has with us and is overjoyed at her impact on our lives…everything positive!

how do you share photos on here

This is my cat Boo. I got him from a friend that found out she was allergic to him. He is a great support for my family. He helps me (PTSD), my oldest daughter (anxiety), and my youngest daughter (ADHA). We love having him around.

This is my tinkerbell…
AKA …Tink.
Very spoiled and very very finicky

My therapy cat

I have a German Shepherd or He has me… mostly white in color and is with me everywhere I go.

This is Abigail but we call her Abby! She’s been my rock.

I love dachshund’s! This was my ex’s dog and I adored him. He was spoiled! If I ever get a dog, that’s what I’m getting! Here is a picture I had to share!

These are my babies Baxter and Bailey ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Now Izzy is about 8 months and we found out he is a male

Oh wow! So is mine. Does Izzy head bob or wave? Fluffy definitely head bobs.


Meet SMOKEY, He was rescued and adopted from North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, N.Y. IF you are looking for a great pet try them…

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I have 3 dogs 1 cat and 5 hens

Hi! My name is Viki. I have a long haired chihuahua named Bella and a Himalayan named Avery. Their my babies and bring me a lot of joy. What would we do without our pets?

We have three doggies one chihuahua a Maltese and a Pom/shih tzu mix

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I have several pets I love them all they keep me motivated!#CUDDLES

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I also have a golden retriever
Name DaisyMay she is 13

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