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We have a Rottweiler, a Pitbull, a Labrador, a bearded dragon, and 3 rats. We also have a groundhog we can’t get rid of in our backyard yard so we consider him a pet but one we’d like to rehome. Lol


We have a beautiful Cocker Spaniel, he arrived 5/17/13 weighing 5.5 lbs, he is now 6 on 17th of this month. And weighs 31.5 lbs, and not fat, Vet says is is just a robust Cocker. He also is a Mamas boy and lap dog, where is right now as I’m typing this. He is our 6th dog over 55 years, but our first puppy.


Wow you really are animal lovers. GOOD FOR YOU! Hope they all live long & healthy lives.


I had a cat named Dora and a dog named boots. Dora was a beautiful, white Siamese cat and Boots was a Walsh Corgi. They grew up together and were best friends. Boots lived to be the ripe old age of 7 human years and died a natural death. Dora; who was a house cat, was killed by two pit bull dogs. She was outside on my porch when the two dogs, who were being walked without a leash by their owner, cornered her. One dog had her head in it’s mouth and the other one had her hind legs. They pulled her so hard that they tore her in half and ran off with her body parts. I now have a two year old golden retriever whose name is Carmel Corn. He is such a joy to be around.


I have six cats and one dog. They are our fur babies. We loves each and every one of them. And yes I got so many because we’re empty-nesters since our children have all left home and started their own families and doing their thing we have our children The Forum over cats and dogs


I have 2 very spoiled lap dogs. They both are boys. Chilo is the dad,he is 12 yrs old. He is a shiatsu. The other one is Runny Runt,he was the runt of the litter. And he is also chilo’s son. Runt is 8 yrs old. Both of them wiegh about 10-12 pounds. They are very smart and are also my jeep babys,they love riding with the top off and the doors off. They set on the floor with there tiny heads just blowing in the wind.


I have a bunny named cookie.he has been a part of my family for nine years.hes very sweet and loves attention although he has panic attacks if picked up.ive taught him a few tricks,one being playing fetch!


We inherited my father in laws dog Lexi,when he passed two years ago. He rescued her from a pound as an abused pup.she has been a God send for us.she loves us as much as we love her. I know daddies watches and is very pleased how good a life she has with us and is overjoyed at her impact on our lives…everything positive!


how do you share photos on here


This is my cat Boo. I got him from a friend that found out she was allergic to him. He is a great support for my family. He helps me (PTSD), my oldest daughter (anxiety), and my youngest daughter (ADHA). We love having him around.



This is my tinkerbell…
AKA …Tink.
Very spoiled and very very finicky


My therapy cat


I have a German Shepherd or He has me… mostly white in color and is with me everywhere I go.


This is Abigail but we call her Abby! She’s been my rock.


I love dachshund’s! This was my ex’s dog and I adored him. He was spoiled! If I ever get a dog, that’s what I’m getting! Here is a picture I had to share!


These are my babies Baxter and Bailey ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Now Izzy is about 8 months and we found out he is a male


Oh wow! So is mine. Does Izzy head bob or wave? Fluffy definitely head bobs.