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Dogs, cats, horses, plants, pet rocksโ€”all pets bring us joy and companionship! This is a place to share photos and stories of your beloved pets! :)


We have a Golden retriever/Pitbull mix (I think. We rescue,) a Dapple Beagle, a Chihuahua, and a dachshund/something else. We have a cat, a cockatiel, and 3 squirrels. We love all of our animals. As a matter of fact, we spoil them all.


I have 2 rescue cats and 1 small parrot. We lost our other parrot๐Ÿ˜ช


Hi everyone. I have a Chihuahua, a Papillon, and my newest baby, a mini Schnauzer/Maltese mix. I love them all! They make me laugh and smile everyday.


We have a beautiful โ€œPocketโ€ Red-nose Pit female who is 3 years old and so mellow that she made a great addition to our family. She provides a wonderful emotional support for my wife and brings a smile to us throughout the day.


๐Ÿ˜ช Iโ€™m sorry for your loss


I have a home full of pets and each has its own personality. The queen of our house is Stella. She is a four year old St Bermastiff with a loving and giving heart. She reminds me of the dog in Peter Pan. She thinks she is a nursemaid and if anyone is ill she will lie beside them to guard them. Then there is little Strawberry who thinks she is the watchdog of the home, loudly barking when strangers.
appear. Finally we have the only male, Tuxedo. He is the Major domo of the house. Always looking for somewhere to perch.


You sound like a very loving and caring person.


We tryโ€ฆthis is our second chance at life after being on the streets for about 12 years. We got clean and now we have finally turned our life around getting an apartment. my drivers license, a dog, married, a car, a full time job, and my wife getting the help she needs from doctors after 2 strokes.


We have a house full of dogs, the youngest being my Boxer, Zeus. We have an Australian Shepherd, Inuki, a Pit/Shepherd/Lab mix, Anna, 2 Chihuahua/Min Pin/Dachshund mix, Teddy Bear and Tinker Bell, and mutt, Rascal, aka Fluffy lol We also have 2 Ferrets, Timon and Pumba


@ebrooks Wow! What a wonderful mix of furry friends you have! Do the dogs like to hang out with Timon and Pumba? (Such cute names for ferrets!) :)


Thank you and yes they do! Zeus absolutely loves them and doesnโ€™t snap or growl at them when they bite his feet or jowls lol Zeus and Teddy Bear are the babysitters when we let them run loose.


I forgot to mention that Tuxedo is not only the only male, but a cat.


Welcome to the Community, Cindy! Thanks for starting the conversation here.

What an exciting mix of animals! It sounds like they are very lucky to have you. :)

I bet you have some fun and exciting stories to share with such a big family around!

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We have a 2 1/2 year old 55 lb pit bull that we have had since he was 5 weeks old. His name is Petey because he looks just like the Petey off Little Rascals, all heโ€™s missing is the ring around the one eye. He is the most spoiled dog in the world and I wouldnโ€™t trade him for anything. He is my daughterโ€™s emotional support animal. She has autism and he is a big part of her daily routine.


How did you get pic of your pets on here? I have 4cats that I raised as bottle babies. Their mom died when their eyes just opened and 1 who elderly (24 years). I also have a goof dog (Akita). He is not hardwired like most of his breed. He is very friendly and welcoming to all. They have all become service/comfort animals. My son understand how they are my family and asks about their activities. This is so nice as each has their own personalitis and are very active with their own things. His questions help me questions into their signals to me about changes in pain levels before they increase and changes in depression (I am bipolar). My furry family keeps me going and laughing in the case of my dog. My dog goes with me to help my elderly parents. He cues me when my Mom is struggling more with memory (he keeps track of her and helps her with falls -letโ€™s her leverage up on him and follows her) and my Dadโ€™s increase in pain - hers him to a chair where he takes his meds. My furry family is a great support system for me and I love them dearly.


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Jessica Rose, teacup Aussie
She is my emotional support dog and a rescue.


We have Roxi (Pug/Terrier) and MeiLing (ShihTzu)โ€ฆboth rescues. We rescued them and they stole our hearts! I always like to adopt!


I have a smooth coat border collie named Mia. In February it will be our 1yr anniversary together. I adopted her from animal services and feel blessed to have her in my life