Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to all. This is my dear sweet friend Eman. I will/would do anything for her. She would take anyplace I need to go. She would do anything for me also.
I am thankful for her all the time especially during the holidays. She is a sweetheart.
Lucky to have a great friend like her.
God bless


Yes you are very blessef


Merry Christmas

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Is she for rent? I need a friend like that!

Happy holidays

This is a picture of my dear sweet friend Eman with her mother and father, who are from Egypt. They came to visit her and me for the Holidays. This picture was March 2019; celebrating her dad’s 75th birthday in the USA.


Love ur response, 'digger!

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I think we ALL DO!! I’ve been so blessed, my THELMA in my LOUISE, 50+ Years & since pre k we still speak almost every day & would not have it any other way

Ok, Moonie 417… always tell it like it is!!

You are blessed

My hubby and I