Happy 2020!

My wish this year, is that we all find ourselves in the land of N.E.D!


You are a cancer survivor, I am also, in 2005 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I survived because I asked God what did he want me to do, the surgery.
Or the radiation treatments, I new, they were bad for you, but I had a lumpectomy no radiation treatments, just the surgery and it went well, I survived, that because of the Lord Jesus Christ. Through many dangerous things I had to go through, God was there with me holding my hand.
He said in his word that we can trust him, with our lives, and I have, I’ve surrendered my life to God, and he has honored my request time and time again, with out a doubt, he will be there for you also, He keeps his word.


Actually, I think it’s pretty brazen of you to solicit us on this app for your own benefit. You stated that your new “app’s purpose is to provide a healing, safe and inspirational space as we work through our cancer journey.” But this is the same purpose of THIS app we are all currently using.

You want to use our cancer experiences in a way I’m not comfortable you doing, and I wish you would remove your post because I find it incredibly insulting.

This is my opinion that you have ulterior motives and please do not respond back to me as I am entitled to my opinion.


Dear Marguerite,
Thank you for sharing your feelings, i completely respect your opinion. And i apologize that my post came across the wrong way. My intention is truly to help create tools to make all our journeys through cancer easier… I am doing this because i want to do something for the people i love who are currently fighting their way through this horrible disease… and make it available for anyone else who wants to use it… i wish you love and health…

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Totally agree with you! I’m fighting an aggressive GBM brain tumor and in a Facebook support group someone tried to do something like the OP. Rude to harass us patients during treatment for our time. I wish I knew how to report this post as inappropriate to the app admins but I just recently started using it.


Thanks and I appreciate you! I believe we should be supporting each other as we’re going through treatment and not harassing us and asking something from us. We should be giving love and support to each other. Fighting cancer is hard enough and any extra energy we have should be used to provide comfort and hope. Because we all could use a little more hope for a cure to this horrible disease.

I wish you all the best,