Got cyber bullied bad on Facebook

At that point I removed my self from the cyber word because I got to the point where I was ready to end my life now since I been off of social media I miss my friends and family and I lost all my memories pictures everything since 2012 now am depressed and feeling like I was if I was still online

In general, I don’t use Facebook at all because it doesn’t seem profitable to me, in addition, it seems to me that older people have already stayed there, and young people stay on Instagram twitter and much more modern ones.
For example, I use Instagram most frequently. Of course, in the beginning, I was looking for how to buy real Instagram likes and in this way, I started to have new followers which I really like. I don’t know how for others, but for me, Instagram is something very valuable.

So sorry l. Social media is a seriously toxic world most of the time. If you ever wanma chat. Try here amd try finding someone who you can count on. Much peace and light.

Man, to be honest, i have been in a similar situation a couple of years ago. Since then, i stopped using facebook, i only kept my instagram account were i follow and i am followed only by my closest friends. The issue i faced back in 2018, well, a coworker decided that it would be a great idea to destroy my reputation after i got fired from my former job. So, after that, there wasn’t any company from this domain that wanted to hire me. So i decided to fill a defamation lawsuit against him. Hired, who are great experts in the defamation law, won the case, but still cannot get hired for the job i want.

If you deleted your Facebook but have your photos and memories on there, you can reactivate your account. All you have to do I log in. With facebook even when you delete it, it never really goes away. As for the bullying, just block those that bully you. Don’t let yourself become the victim. Stay strong! Best wishes!!

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