Good morning guys I hope you all feel little better today, I'm new to this but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to live a healthy life style I weigh 337lbs an numerous health issues I need some motivation for exercising and eating healthy


Good Morning Henry, I’m 5 foot tall and 200 lbs. Have to loose 70 lbs. I have many health issues too. Dr. Put me and my 36 year old son on the Atkins diet. Low carb diet. Lots of vegetables, fruits, meat and nuts. There is an Atkins diet book you could follow. I wish you luck!


I try to go to my gym twice a week too but I also have a exercise bike at home and I ride it when I can’t get to the gym too. I am trying to eat healthy foods too. I try to
eat healthy foods too ,I try to cut back on sugar too,it is hard too. Good luck. Debbie Lebarron


I am drinking alot of water and gatorade.stay away from soda tea and coffee are good for you to


If you are on Medicare you can get free memberships for In Shape Health club. My husband and I started 3 days a week and, now we are now up to 5 days a week.

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Thank you very much I will look into

How do I go about that Susan

Howdy HenryOWL!
I too suffer from multiple symptoms. I have been diagnosed with Degenerative Disk Disease, arthritis, peripheral neuropathy, GERD, Visceral Hypersensitivity, mild cognitive impairment (can’t remember shit), possible Gulf War Illness, plantar fasciitis, heal Spurs, carpal tunnel syndrome, obesity (6’0" 332 last week), failed spinal laminectomy, chronic pain from lower back and peripheral neuropathy. I hurt too damn much to exercise. I am pretty certain the nerve issues are from the anti nerve agent pills they made us take during desert Storm and the nonFDA approved anthrax vaccine they pumped into us after 9-11. But hey, someone had to be the Navy’s Guinea Pigs!! Any way, good luck with your weight loss!!


My boogie man God bless you you got a lot on your plate!
And Henry I was 220 lb I lost my weight with weight watchers but now that I was diagnosed with Ms I do an anti-inflammatory diet because I have spinal cervical stenosis and carpal tunnel and with the nerve pain the anti-inflammatory eating really helps big time and it also helps with arthritis so I highly recommend it cuz I’ve lost a lot of weight I’m down to 150 need to lose 15 more pounds. Good luck stay active I like the kayak and I like to hike and walk got to stay moving some type of movement helps💜

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Thanks hang in there my friend 🙏

Good morning everyone have a fantastic day and GOD BLESS YOU, I’m try to get a few things done around the house today an get some exercises in by cutting the grass and little gardening, broccoli growing great I’m trying to eat little healthier


Namaste 🐘
I too suffer frm weight gain, I look @ food n gain. 215 @ 5’1 my goal 150. I’m using this app called my plate which is a calorie counter to help u manage ur intake of food. My goal is 1500 a day along with 30 - 40 min walk 2x a day. Plz always check with ur doc be4 starting any diet(s) to make sure tht this type of diet is right for u. Plenty of h2o, fruits, veggies, an protein. Havin the will power to push away frm the table n frm the temptations is vry vry hard if u hav the support of family n frndz. I do blieve u can succeed. Keep us posted on ur progress, knw tht ur not alone. Stay Blessed 🕉

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What does that anti-inflammatory diet consist of

So I googled shopping list for anti-inflammatory diet and that’s where I started and then I went to nutritionist to get more help to fine-tune my diet to better Customize it for me. With me being gluten-free (Because I have celiac act disease) and my MS I want to see have something Anti-inflammatory that wouldn’t inflame my nerves. Definitely something good after I talk to my doctor about it. Good luck💜

Whoa! I got everything you got and a few more you did mention. I was never in the service. My son snapped my spine some 45 yrs ago and now the degeneration is started. arthritis has gotten into it and I couldn’t begin to tell you how the pain feels. My hip is messed up and because I am hypoglycemic which means I have neuropathy in my feet causing causing me to stand for five minutes at a time. So I’m in a electric chair. My doctor put me on a 500 protein diet which is mostly egg whites, yogurt. Both of which i can’t stand. May I ask what are you on?

Hello Henry!
Stay away from true food.
My husband lose 37 pounds. He was with 314 and now he weight 277 pounds. He walk and take care what he eats and the quantity. He eats vegetables, fruits, brown rice, grilled meat.
Take care.
Have a good day!

Stay away from frie food

I sorry my English is so bad…I am from Brazil…stay away from FRY food.

Just keep in mind that eating healthy is more expensive. I found this out years ago when I started to eat clean. Thank goodness it’s only me and my husband so I can spend the extra money. I don’t want you to think that it’s all pessimistic. You can and will find what works for you. Keep looking until you do. It is easier to work out if you have a work out buddy. If you can’t find one among your friends or family let me know and I will be your work out buddy to keep our motivation up. Good luck!! either way.

Wow, 500 calories a day is pretty low. I can’t see how that can be sustainable. You’ll start to yo-yo with your weight. Trust me I’ve been there.