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Copd it’s a funny thing. These last few days, I have been off and behind the rope of person who works inside, I wanted to be outside. The weather was good. A bit cool a bad breezy, but it felt good. I worked on mulching leaves, chopping wood, things that would get ones blood moving. I felt good. I breathed normally. But then something strange happened. I drove to get more gas for the tractor and decided Micky Ds was good for breakfast. Minutes after eating the sandwich, my breathing became labored. No more cutting or mulching. All I could do comfortably was drive the tractor. WTF??? I noticed this phenomenon before. Anyone else experience this?


I have lost two loved ones to COPD, and am now watching my brother cope with the disease. One of the things I read early on was about diet - some foods require more energy to digest than others. More blood has to be diverted to the stomach, thus making less available for other functions. That made intuitive sense to me so I didn’t really research it further, but maybe that’s why your egg McMuffin or whatever caused so much trouble… What I read recommended light, easier to digest foods, maybe eating less more frequently - also would provide less bulk in the stomach to interfere with the mechanics of breathing. Hope this helps!!


Sometimes I think I’m not going to have a problem breathing then I do something that triggers an attack, it’s just apart of living with COPD. Take it slow do a little bit at a time.


I never knew that diet interfered with COPD thank you.


You can’t push yourself when labored In breathing. Time to rest for the day…

How does diet affect COPD or how would I find that information

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We probably need to Google Diet and COPD. Something I just thought of.

Thank you