Going to the gym

I just found out that my Medicare plan covers membership at a gym. The progress is called Silver Sneakers. If you’re in Medicare. Contact them and see if your plan includes Silver Sneakers.


I have been going to the gym under SS for 2 years now.
Check ahead of time because not all gyms take SS.
I just wish I could find a workout buddy in my area…


I’m in Stockton, California. Are Are you anywhere near me?

No, I live in northern Indiana. Sorry

I’m in mid West Michigan

The catch is that you have to pay extra if you have a private trainer, but it is worth it. Unfortunately the day after I signed up, I learned that I was going to have knee replacement surgery and haven’t been able to go back.

I have finally got my weight up to 143 from a low of 115. My PCP actually wants we to be at 150 but when I finally get back to the gym, I think (hope) I’ll firm up and get some muscle mass. My question is, how do I move the weight around to where I need it like to fill in the wrinkles on my face. Lol


Is it Medicare or your secondary insurance that pays for Silver Sneakers?


Good to know

Medicare. Though I’m only 60 I’m on disability for I’m on Medicare only.

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