Going to the doctors podiatrist today

You must get your feet check out diabetes is one of the leading causes for amputation of limbs, so go every 3 to 4 months to see your podiatrist please.


He speaks the truth. I became an amputee 10 months ago. I went to my podiatrist regularly and although I was taking care of my feet I still had to have an amputation. My case was inevitable but yours does not. Please get your feet checked.


I haven’t had one yet. What am I supposed to be checking for at home?


I see a orthopedic podiatrist because of all the trouble with my feet once a month


First you check between your toes to see if you have in splitting or cuts, dry your feet thoroughly after bathing especially between your toes no lotion between them either, foot powder is better, don’t walk barefooted. An always wear diabetic 🧦 so your feet can breathe and comfortable shoes. Check your blood circulation.


As a type 2 insulin dependent diabetic, already have had 2 have 1 to amputated. I just pray that they decide to amputate my right leg above the knee. Over 10 years ago broke my ankle & leg, now having RA it’s intolerable. I would rather have no foot than continue with this pain

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You should ALWAYS have a specialist cut ur toenails, don’t do it yourself


Why not do it myself?

Actually the treatment of diabetes is the leading cause of diabetes. For example Metformin causes diabetic neuropathy. Especially long term.


Ever hear of phantom pain? I hope it never happens to you, but it does happen to some. My son is diabetic and I worry constantly about his feet and legs. He has been very ill these last few weeks and his hands, knees and feet are swollen bad. I just pray he will get well and that being diabetic don’t come into play. I’m not sure he could handle losing a foot or a leg. When he’s working he’s on his feet all day and the concert floor he stands on is slanted.
I wish you the best and will try to check in from time to time.

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Thanks already had 1 amputation, I’ve got a whole hoard of Drs working on a solution. & if amputation is the best choice so be it. I no longer can do anything 4 da most part the pain stops me

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I go every 2 months. He checks them and trims my toenails

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Where does one go, I was always able to do my own but recently cut a toe and bled for an extended time Dr said had to find a podiatrist

I’m so sorry. I wish there was something I could do. Blessings to you and those you love.

I hate to hear that amputation seems to be your only option, but I know people that live full lives after amputation. The prosthetics these days not only helpful but very nice to look at and I’m told quite comfortable. I’m still not sure the one doctor is doing all he/she could. If there is a personal problem between two people the people don’t always do their best work. It’s not even always conscious even but even with that in mind, if you trust this doctor then that is what often matters most. I sincerely hope someone can find what you need you live a full a full life and not just survive. Blessings to you and those you love.


Thank you, Raven. I have lost over 10 years due to pain & no relief in sight. I am having a nerve block soon, but the doctor did explain that the block is a temporary, short lived pain relief. But at this point I DO need a break from constant pain, so I will do this. In the mean time my Doctors are working on finding a doctor who will do the amputation. And I have emotionally prepared for this as well. Long story short, I would rather live w/o a limb than continue to live like this

Is there a problem with doing the amputation? Most Orthopedic surgeons are well versed in this procedure. ???
My granddaughter was in an accident when she was about 12. She had monster headaches after she came home from hospital. The only thing that helped her pain was nerve blocks. I wish you well.

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Thank you very much

I go for a nerve block soon, a temporary fix 4 a major issue. The amputation is still a possibility, all I can say is I can’t do this anymore

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It is very important that you have your feet treated by a chiropodist/podiatrist about every two months . In between visits check daily after bathing to ensure there are no cracks between the toes. Dry the area thoroughly and apply foot powder. No cream between the toes. I use Lubriderm advanced moisture therapy on my feet daily. Take good care of your feet to avoid amputation.