Agreed. Flower Power!

I’m in CA and it’s recreationally legal now, but unfortunately for me it tends to make my LBP feel worse & me a little paranoid. Probably need a different “flavor “!


Some people need 400 mg qid, some need even more. There’s really no upper limit that I know of!The important thing is consistent therapeutic blood levels.


Which of course you already know, since you are a nurse! 😎


I take two 300mg in the morning and two more n the evening, but find that I sometimes need an additional one throughout the day for the nerve pain. Hopefully the bill will pass to reduce marijuana from a schedule I to a schedule III. Then it can be researched further and prescribed under federal law. I’m in Texas so if it’s left up to the states for legalization I’m sure it will remain illegal. I have peripheral neuropathy and refractory epilepsy. Medical marijuana may be the answer, but it may continue to be impossible to know.


It is in wi

I don’t disagree with anything you have said. In fact I agree with everything you just stated. The federal government has untenable, outdated and ridiculous policies with regards to the “bud” and only God knows why!

I don’t even have a dog 🐶 in this fight. I don’t use it. I am in no way involved in the monetary side of it, and it doesn’t help me. But as a physician, I understand that others are helped immeasurably by THC as well as CBD and that’s good enough for me! Cancer patients, chronic pain pts. and even those with refractory vertigo! Governmental positions are totally inexplicable and unexplainable and, as Spock 🖖 would say, “Illogical”. Let’s hope the US government and the TX legislature gets its act together sooner rather than later.


TomTom I should also mention that I have peripheral neuropathy in my lower extremities and that gabapentin seems to be helpful in this regard, no matter the exact subtype or cause, such as diabetic, alcoholic, metabolic, etc. Individual dosing varies widely, so see your Dr. to titrate your dose optimally.

Also, I do not have a seizure disorder, however I am aware that MJ is effective in this category.

GW Pharma, or GWPH, a large British pharmaceutical Co., is leading the charge and is listed on the NYSE. (No, I have no financial interest in the Company, ie. I do not own the stock.) They are not under FDA or US Government control.


Not a controlled substance here and I can’t say enough good things about it. I started taking it for anxiety and depression and for my PTSD, but after just one dose at bedtime, I woke up in the morning and found for the first time I could get out of bed without being in excruciating pain. (This was about a year after my spinal surgery.) So, you can see why I have such a high opinion of this medication. And it has truly helped my anxiety as well.


Yes it is really ridiculous. doctors want you to take all these pain pills but they say marijuana isn’t good for you. I would rather smoke marijuana are use the CBD oil then take all kinds of pain pills


And I remind you that CBD oil does NOT have THC in it, the active ingredient in MJ that gets you high! Also , no Rx required.

I don’t know if it works or not, as I have never even tried CBD oil. It is, however, being heavily pushed now, even with free samples, tho whether it’s “snake oil” or not, only time will tell. Many anecdotal stories out there right now, all “good “.

Not saying it doesn’t work.
I might even try it for my chronic pain, cuz I don’t see any downside that I know of, and Chronic Pain is a Bitch!

What I’m saying is Yes, it’s probably worth a shot! If you feel like you are out of answers, it’s possibly worth a try!

In Summary: No Rx needed. No known downside. Chronic pain whatever the etiology w/o answers. As an MD, I don’t see a downside.


So far I take 900mg 4 times a day and I’m not compelled to have a written script for it like the fentanyl and oxycodone I take. It is used on the street as a sexual drug adding a euphoric feeling during sex. It by itself will not give a high of any kind unless, like almost any drug, taken in extremely large dosages.

I’ve been told by several doctors that the 900mg 4 times a day is the max because it makes it dangerous for other parts of the body making it not worth taking higher amounts.

I’ve tried many different cbd brands and products, some with testing information, some not. You said marijuana helps with neuropathy? I would risk getting in trouble with the law if it helps! Still illegal in Kansas.

Yup, changed 2 years ago, I believe it’s a federal change. In Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Missouri, I know it is a controlled medication.

It’s only controlled substances if u on probation other than that it’s not. They have me on to counter act the sleep part of my soma they have me on for my pain.

It is in Indiana now.I do not where else.

No. It is only used for nerve pain.

No it is not.

Yup it is federally controlled

As far as I know it’s not in CA. I take 900mg at bedtime for sciatica pain. I can’t believe the difference it has made in my life. It used to get so bad I had pain from my back to my knee. Excruciating. It hurt to wear anything against my body. At first we thought maybe a bad case of bursitis as I had that before in that hip many times. So we tried injections to no avail. The the doctor realized what the true nature of the problem was. Within 3 days I had almost 80% relief. To me a Godsend. Ha ape tin is great. MM I have tried but have had mixed results with. First I can’t use it during the day and function. I haven’t been able to find something that doesn’t give me a strong buzz. And I have trouble with balance anyway because of my legs. If I used it it has to be just as I’m ready to crawl into bed. Then the loopiness just puts me to sleep. Fine if I don’t have to get up soon during the night to use the bathroom. Otherwise I’m in trouble. So I tried CBD oil. Get a little relief. But not a lot unless I smoke it continuously. Which is my preferred way. I buy the oils not the bud as it’s not as harsh to me. And I can put it away and it doesn’t crumble up or get broken. I find the Stizzy pens are amazing. But that’s just my opinion. And they do have a CBD/THC blend