Hi my name is Jennifer,
I have a heart disease, pacemake, type 2 diabetes, scoliosis, cirrhosis of the liver. I am 38 yrs old and 4"3, l can’t drive. I am looking for a friend to talk to about being a Christian and life.


Hi I’m 43 have health issues and recently moved to NJ to be with my boyfriend. I am a Christian woman.


I do not know if you would want to discus this with me or not. I have a different perspective than most. I was a Christian for much of my adult life. Now I come more from the Hebraic side of things. However I do believe in Yeh’shua HaMoshiach, his virgin birth and sinless life, but not Christmas. I believe in the literal bodily resurrection, but not Easter. I also believe that except for the physical body that Yeh’shua/Jesus has there is no distinction between YHWH the father and YHWH the son. So if I am one with whom you would carry on a conversation, or not, I wish you blessings, as we get into Shabbat for the week.

Paul “Ger Toshav” Artman
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I am always available for such discussions. Life is hard enough but when we have the yoke of lifelong illness our lives can be unbearable. Jesus promised us that He will take ALL of our worldly cares. He will exchange our yokes for His. Such a beautiful promise and many can attest to its truthfulness. May God bless you during your time that we all keep our lamps filled, our wicks trimmed and watch expectantly for His return.


Hi I’m Janet.


Hi my name is Maryanne, I live in Mississippi. I’m the caregiver to my Mom and brother and was to my Dad as well. He went to be with our Lord and Savior last June. I proudly profess my love for our Heavenly Father and would love to chat with you. We could even do Bible studies together if you would like.


I am open to friendship and discussion with still types of people and different religious beliefs.


I am the same way as as long as we are Worshiping the same God is doesn’t matter if your Methodist, Baptist or even Charismatic. I Pray your having a good day so far 😇😁


Yes, I’m actually traveling from NJ to TN


I am not sure what l am, l don’t cuss, drink, smoke. Even though l live with my parents l am very lonely.


I’m more than willing to talk about anything. Do you have family around or friends


Oh cool! I’m 2 hours from Memphis. Moving or vacation?


Sorry you feel alone, but your actually never alone! You always have Jesus all you have do is believe in him and except that he died for YOU because he loved you enough to take on all our sins now we can have an awesome relationship with our Heavenly Father… I’m here if you ever need to talk


I know l am not alone and Jesus is there for me, but Jesus can’t talk to me. All l have to talk to is mainly my parents. And l can’t really talk to them.


I am a Christian woman who belongs to a non-denominational church. I was raised Lutheran but decided I didn’t like the religious part. It’s not in the Bible. The Christian church was started even before Jesus was resurrected and raised from the dead. Key words Christian church, NOT religion.
Sorry I feel strongly about this because religions put in too much of their own stuff.


He talks to us through the Bible if we pay attention. So much of the Bible is still relevant today.
I am available to talk.
Is there a way I can private message you my name and number and get yours so I know it’s you calling?


I totally understand! Been there! Any time you need to talk I’m here!


Seeing family


Well that should be good for you. Hope you can handle all this humidity. I’m originally from Colorado that was the biggest change for me to get use to that and the southern slang… lol


I’m would love to join you in a Bible study.