how can I ask people to forgive me after I hurt them with my bipolar disorder getting out of control? I didn’t know what I was doing I don’t think. nothing really happened until I tried to kill myself twice in one month. I know that hurt a lot of people. and now I feel I’m getting worse and I feel like I’m losing my mind and I’m pushing everybody away again. I don’t know what to do. I wish I knew how to ask for forgiveness I wish people would forgive me. but how can people forgive me when I can’t forgive myself?

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Hi I have schizo affective bipolar one, with anxiety and PTSD…
I have on more than one occasion upset people. I usually say I’m sorry for upsetting you and then go to confession as I am a Catholic. But if you are not, like my son is a protestant who believes all you have to do is repent with a sincere heart and you will be forgiven…you are a child of God and he loves you so very very much. If God can forgive you you must be able to forgive yourself…all you can do is pray like that other person said to God to forgive you and he will, then you have to forgive your self or you will not believe God has forgiven you and you are doomed to live in the past…
Try living in the present day to day and not hurt people.
Do unto others as you’d have done to yourself…also if saying your sorry to someone might cause more hurt then help. I would just pray for them and myself…no sense in hurting them anymore.just a few suggestions.May God and the Blessed Mother Mary guard your heart and help you along in this journey of ours…💞

Thank you. Yeah, I pretty much used up all my sorts. And I didnt really think about not saying sorry, just letting them live in peace. I guess I just like closure. But yes, I need to start thinking of other peoples well being and feelings. I’ll pray.

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Hi .-…even if people do you harm by their words don’t let it bother you.
I was going in and put of psych wards every 6 months about.
…my parents came to visit me once on the unit and left fairly quickly…I have been to the psych ward 3 times since I moved from the Pacific Northwest…mostly due to not feeling welcomed by my son and daughter in law…I got my own place a year ago May 19…
I have been here a year and a half…I live alone so I have to be my best advocate…if something goes wrong with me I call the psych doctor and have recently added Thorazine and cogentin to my arsenal of drugs I take…if you ever feel suicidal again, know that those feelings will pass by morning hopefully…if not in the near future.
I have felt suicidal and have never commuted suicide, however if I think I’m going crazy I ask my psych doctor to change or give me different meds to help me.
Well take care, ill Definatley pray for your needs.

Take good care of yourself…God bless you.

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I have hurt a lot of people also you start with the one you care about the most And tell them I’m sorry I hurt you and tell them just how your feeling right now if they are the right one they will be there for you. I have my one really special man I can tell him everything and he stands beside me for better or worse and no we are not married

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Maybe you can write a letter to them. I sometimes find that easier.

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Yeah, I am better at putting words on paper than face to face. Going to try that.


Forgiveness is a process. Reaching out to others, honestly, I think is the answer. I would take responsibility for my actions and not make any excuses. If you are feeling suicidal, go for inpatient help until you can get stabilized. This will keep you safe, allow for you to get on the right medications, and teach you some better ways to cope.