First Entry

Hello, I have suffered for many years, in fact since early childhood, with super sensitive skin. It was something I never could explain. I would feel such discomfort if someone grabbed my arm or touched my legs. People thought I was just a hypochondriac. My mother was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in her 70’s. My oldest daughter has suffered with it for 20 years. I finally went to a rheumatologist today and she told me I have Fibromyalgia along with Osteoarthritis. So…I guess that’s that! I am 69 years old and following the family traditions, I guess!😄
My doctor started me on cymbalta. So we will see.


But you are alive today because of the Lord Jesus Christ and his grace and mercy. We all are deserve judgment and death, but Jesus Christ sacrificed his life for us, he didn’t have to, but he chose to be the one do it for us.

God gave him a job and he had know choice but to the vessel and he did his part, it’s up to us to choose our own path to life.
With him in heaven or death, choose wisely.


Yes, he has been with me my whole life. I walked with the Lord as a small child and he gave me the choice to stay with him or come back. He told me it would not be an easy life and it has had it’s trials and tribulations but I have been given a life full of love to go along with the negatives. I thank him every morning and evening for another day! I am truly blessed.


Then just believe it not over until God says it is over, this might be your last fight with the devil you deal with. Only God knows the answer to the question, like Job in the Bible who gave God permission to test him anyway he could think of and he.
But the devil 😈 threw his best at the Job and he survived everything, the Dominican brides friends is wife and his kids in his house, and the animals and the body boils all over must have been very painful, the Bible says it was like ash when he scraped the boils off.
Through that experience he learned about God’s word is Truth and his promises 🙏🙏, he got everything back to you, the Riches, down to livestock and health, and the children, a bigger House,.
Just check out the book of Job in the Bible study, I learned something from Job not to complain about anything, that God is in control of everything. It’s when your doing something he doesn’t like, you have to worry about him.

Sorry about the Cancer coming back you will be in my prayers and thoughts are with you always and forever Amen 🙏 Hallelujah thank you, Sister.