I was put on disability about 5 years ago. I was only getting $510 a month. Before I got on disability I had a job Charmin ultra without getting paid almost thousand dollar a month. I lost my home, my furniture, my dignity and my family all because I got sick. I end up in the shelter, where I thought I was going to get some help. Now I get $785 a month and I still can’t afford apartment on my own. I have to deal with other people problem and other people issues even though I hurt everyday. They will act as if they don’t even care. they want me running after them even though I’m sick. I hate it! I really hate it!


I know how you feel. Before I went on disability I was able to do everything on my own. Because I don’t get nearly as much on disability as I did working I lost my house & now live with my daughter and her fiancé & 3 children the oldest being 5. Almost all of my check each month goes towards my medicine & when I have doctor appointments then it’s all gone. Just try to remember once you’re down the only way to go is up it may not be how you’ve planned or what you expect to happen. Know that I’m praying for you. ❤️ & hugs


I would be in the same shape, if I weren’t married. I never got my disability. After being out of work for 10years, I applied for my retirement.
I was 59. When I checked into how much I could draw then, and at 62, there was only about $200 difference. So I decided to go ahead and start collecting it. I only get $670, or something like that.
I will be 61 on Wednesday. 1 more year, then I can add SS to it. At least I have something that is mine, I don’t have to ask my husband when I want something.
He controls his money. He was single for over 10 years when we got married, so he has always paid for everything.
I would hate living with someone else. I have FIBROMYALGIA, so I have very little energy to do much. I go to my Mom’s 2 days a week. That is about all I can do. It takes me the rest of the week to recover.
Best of luck to you. 🙏❤


Hello, everyone, I m deaf lady and stroke my right arm and Hiv too I get frustrated … all l find an app CareZone. I start love this because chat more care than outside . This is the first time. I keep the faith all my life. Also, keep my business.


Pray for everyone!!!


I am in the same boat. I have been married for 30yrs this July 4th. I haven’t been able to work for several yrs now. I applied for disability yrs ago, but was denied bc there wasn’t a code then for Fibromyalgia. I use to have my own nail salon business & made good money for a little while. I hate not having my own money, it makes me feel vulnerable, & needy. I was told to reapply now that there is a code for Fibromyalgia. I also have several other health issues which makes living a normal life impossible. Sty strong, & healthy. Luvz & Hugz


I feel ya. I’m trying run my own home small business, to be able to bring something in. I use to work outside the home quite awhile ago running a nail salon business. Then I had to quit to take care of my girlsI tried get disability yrs ago, and they denied me all 3 times on my appeals. So I’ve done little side jobs here & there spuratically over the last 20yrs.m to make ends meet. They didn’t even have a code for Fibro back then. Like 15yrs ago. I have been sick since As far back as I can remember. I was diagnosed in like 97 or 98?


I fully understand how you’re going to you I have worked for nearly 30 years with a disability going in and out and keep everything going and eventually had to go out several times and work to keep what we had a

Hi this is me again I just wanted to say I want to encourage you and your situation keep working with the S essay do you what you can do and