I have been living with HIV since May 2007. In August of this year (2018) my CD4 FINALLY, for the first time since being diagnosed, rose above 200 to 245. It’s a good feeling to finally be considered HIV+ and not have “AIDS”. NEVER NEVER NEVER …ONE MORE TIME…NEVER GIVE UP!!!


Thats great! Bringing your cd4 is hard to do. When i was first diagnose my cd4 was at 52. They were amazed i hadnt gotten sick and hospitalized. On the right meds, and after 3 months my cd4 count rose to 483, and is now at 535 and im undetectable. I just have to make sure to take those 2 little pills every day. I try to eat healthier and exercise and go in for my regular check up. You will get cd4 up there. It just takes fonding the right combination of medication. I take Truvada and Tivicay.


I’m super proud of you guys for not giving up like I don’t. Just goes to show any and everything is possible. Keep up the amazing work team.


Thats great my husbands #'s were good but died of pneumonia brought on by AIDS last June, but keep on trucking .


Anybody here take any combo including Truvada? I’ve been on various regimen s with that for many many years and now I’m on Biktarvy but worried about all the stress that was put upon my kidneys. There’s a test that always comes back with L- low. Think it GR something. It’s basically your how your kidneys eliminate…ugh worried even though doc said that for me my organs are okay. But keep having doubts and I don’t even know how long this low results started. Also low is creatinine.
But even though my diet isn’t the greatest I try drink lots of water and other fluids.

Turn to God I salute you come into your heart and ask him to help you and to heal you and get into that Bible and get into prayer and watch the 700 Club.


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I was on truvada from 2010-2017 & I’m constantly having major kidney issues 😢

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Yes our kidney takes a beating from Truvada. And though I get regular blood work I feel as if my doc isn’t being absolutely truthful about how the kidneys are doing. Just wish I was more aware of dangers back then. We are very brave peeps, for sure.


I’m conflicted, I mean, truvada was 1 of 3 drugs first prescribed by my doctor to treat my HIV. I initially was taking truvada, norvir, & prezista. When I was first diagnosed I was in the hospital with a serious illness and my viral load was off the charts high with my CD4 under 100. Within a year I was undetectable and had nearly a 500 CD4. I’ve been undetectable ever since for nearly 9 years now. My kidneys are hurting pretty badly. I’m going in for a routine checkup and to discuss my kidney testing recently done with a urologist and opthamologist. I also show significant bone loss in my hips which is another known truvada side effect. My new doctor switched me to an all in one pill Triumeq. I definitely appreciate not choking down the extra pills and it’s supposedly is safer by being easier on the body.


Have no fear to all hid patience there is a medication out there that is said to be promising insurance HIV.

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I experienced the same joyful experience a few years ago, my last CD4 count was 954 & I’m currently undetectable. Keep doing what ya doing 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽


Yes my story is very similar. Being dx in 1999 didn’t get on meds until 8 years later. 2008 I began taking the evil Truvada, Norvir and Reyataz. forgot the reason but eventually my doc changed it to Biktarvy. 1 pill with 3 meds. Through all this I remained undetectable. Trying to get my cd4s above the 400 mark.

This November will mark my 20th year living with HIV. Huh who would believe…just taken things one day at a time. Time surely flies. Can’t believe where the time went. I’m now Old lol or I feel it sometimes.

Continue to worry about my poor kidneys. I do hear bone loss can be another effect. As body fat thing, forget what it’s called. But I don’t even get so much as a cold.
I also have fatty liver and gallstones which are keeping quiet but I know they exist. Had an eye infection though which left me my only half vision in my right eye but gave me tons of eye floaters. But mentally I’m pretty stable which I’m glad bc just too much going on…

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I got hiv since 2001 from my husband and he cheat on me…I was very upset becz of his the doctor did help n explain about hiv medicine also the doctor really excellent good job and support with me and I keep praying and faithfully with the god amen… also I’m became grandmother yaya!!! The god bless to me amen!!!


I really hate to give you bad news once your CD4 goes below 200 we are always considered to have AIDS requardless if they go back up 200

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My CD4 has been below 150 now for over 18 yrs. I always take my meds but it never raises. My viral load is undetectable. I was wondering if you get better care from a private docter than at a Ryan White clinic. My doctor said he was not concerned about the cd4 count as long as the viral load was undetectable.

Amen 🙏 I am so glad to see your CD4 went up keep taking your medications and follow your regiment and going to your appointments. And make sure you keep your viral load way down or undetectable I am happy 😃 for you. I have been HIV POS for almost 25 yrs CD4 is up to 650 Viral Undetectable

I take Biktarvy and so far it’s working good for me and I pray you have no complications with this regiment 🙏👍

And he is right they are more concerned about your Viral load and I pray that you keep taking your medication and know that you have a community that’s here for you

Yes like the others have stated here while your cd4 are important VL seems more so. I’ve been on 3 regimen and all had me undectable and I’m fine but my t -cells haven’t budged much maybe 2for 3 difference.
My doc also said it may be when you’ve first began a good treatment. Some Dr don’t like to start until you’re at 200 some asap with a higher cd4. I wish I would have started immediately after finding out.
Bc mine are always in the 334 .
But I feel healthy although being my diet isn’t that good.
If like to start mild exercise like walking as I have slight COPD. And everything seems to get my breathless.
Oh and my latest blood tests showed my HDL, good cholesterol is a bit low. I cannot remember that ever happening .