Finally did it knee replacement

Dec 19, 2019 was the day. its official. the 1st knee has been replaced. and if you have one in the works. dont believe that 3 weeks and you’ll be back to normal. I know everyone is different. I’m almost a month out and I havent been able to get my knee straight yet. I was stuck at 25 % until I started PT at the center. We are making small progress now. Prayerfully, I wont have to get it manipulated to go straight.
It’s sad how even after surgery doctors have to fight to give patients pain meds.


Agree, the higher ups having to deal with what us little people do, maybe they would understand. Wow if my grandmother Sula, read they sentence… Some how my grammar is way off today. Haha.

Stick with your therapy, have had both of my knees replaced. If you can get in the bath tub, it is a great place to do excersies. Water therapy works also. Good luck

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How old r you? They say I need KNEE replacement.then tell I am to young?

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Had my first one @ 31, Since then I Add 2 more replacements

It will come. Physical therapy is crucial to recovery I have found with my replacements. ( both shoulders and 1 knee). You wind up with a lot of scar tissue from the surgery, body’s way of healing. Unfortunately the scat scar tissue adheres to everything around the surgery, that is why you are having trouble getting it straight. Keep up with PT and excercises and it will all work out. I had my knee done about 2 years ago and am able to kneel and do most everything a normal knee does. It is worth it all in the end.

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Had my first one (left) at 47, right when I was 60. Harder the older you get.

Had my right one done Feb 2019 and am looking at the left one done possibly sometime this coming fall or winter, depends on the virus going around. Doc looked at the left side and said it wasn’t as bad as the right when he did it. I never could get my knee to 0° even before surgery, and a lot harder afterwards. I got it to the required 125° afterwards but not without PT. A hot bath does wonders for keeping the pain down, as does a heating pad and an ice pack.

Yes it has be at Least 10 years since my double knee replacements all the therapy and exercises and trying to keep up with my

Continuation from my reply on the my double knee replacement