Filling out forms

It would be nice if you could add fields like when you fill out a doctors form. Surgeries, diagnosis, family health issues, xrays . Etc

Thanks for listening


You could use the note section for stuff like this


Just thought having a folder for the individual items would make quicker access. But thanks for the suggestion


I understand completely. It would be easier if they had section for surgeries and what you are allergic to. But since they don’t I use the notes section

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I like this idea a lot! I wonder if you could put this in your profile under the diagnosis field? Have the top section be for actual diagnosis and then push enter a couple of times and put the heading Surgeries: and then enter the date and what it was for? Also, there is already a spot for allergies in your profile. Just a thought until there is a better work around.😁

On my profile page under conditions I’ve listed my physical diagnosis, mental diagnosis & surgeries. That’s the only way i could figure out how to keep it all in the app. I never thought about using the notes section lol


I get lost doing medical paper work i can’t even keep track of it once i get it in the house. The worse part the Doctor and i talk latmen terms and i mean talk then i either can’t read the paper work aent home or the paper work doesn’t even say the same stuff that me and the doctor talk about pain she says we will wait to treat i know and you know you hurt we can use over the counter a little longer we know this is something i have on going a documented injury in records so why does she typed in papers (Denials (phobias of pain) pill seeking

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That would be nice. Nicer still if it were printable. I have a one page medical history that I created myself. I keep a copy in the files section in my CareZone. The nurses and doctors love it when I pull it out. And, I can usually write “see attached” on the paperwork I fill out in the doctors office.

Have all the info handy so u dont have to remiand figure it out