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My name is Stuart I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 8 years ago, after a couple of years of testing, and more testing. I have been battling pain and fatigue for over a decade. I’ve turned down opioids and have been using anti inflammatory drugs as well as some natural supplements. If anyone has any advice or experience with chronic pain and fatigue I would like to hear from you


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I have had for 10 years… the winter months make me feel worse. I do find that 5000 daily in summer and 10,000 IU in winter of Vitamin D are helpful. I use low bubble hot tub for bed. I would sure like some tips myself. Opioids caused addiction issues and took me years to break.


I’ve had fibro symptoms all my life but wasn’t diagnosed until earlier this year at age 24. I take anti-inflammatories and use lots of essential oils (lavender,thieves,peppermint,eucalyptus). I also get the lavender and eucalyptus Epsom salts for hot baths. I use cool wash cloths on my head when i get the burning and heating pads on my body. I have learned that the best thing you can do for yourself is learn your limitations and do not over-do yourself. Rest when you need to rest.


I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 49 years ago at age of 35, before it really had a name. My help came from a doctor who taught me how to comply relax my entire body. I still use this method when needed.


Hello Stuart, my name is Windy and I have Fibromyalgia I’ve only had for about a year now and is not fun bro I feel your pain literally. My doctor put me on Cymbalta 20mg and Meloxicam 15mg I take one of each at the same time with food and plenty of water. Water and food is very important when taking these if you don’t you’ll feel sick all day it’s not fun and you don’t want to miss a dose either. I’ve been on them for almost two weeks now and it helps a lot granted the pain and fatigue is still there but its manageable and I’m able to get out of bed now. Before all I did was sleep and stayed in bed. Hope this helps and sorry for the long description.


I have the same thing with me about the fatigue tried Ness n I take ibu to relieve pain didn’t help


I’m now taking Lyrics 20mg and it’s not helping at all. I feel like things are crawling all over my skin and I’m tired all the time. What can I do to break free


I had the same problems with Lyrica. I only take Meloxicam and flexoril for pain anti depressants and trazadone for sleep


Hello, I was diagnosed with fibro back in 2011 and had it for a few years prior to that. Tried lots of meds that didn’t work but right now I’m on topiramate 25mg 2 in the morn and 2 at bedtime, and it actually helps. I can definitely tell the difference when I haven’t had my med for a few days due to waiting on refills the pain is more intense, and other issues that cause their own pain also gets more intense without the medication. I honestly think fibro makes any condition that is causing pain, it just makes the pain worse than what it would be to a person without fibro. I use heat, allot. Having a hotpad is essential to me, I also take hot baths with Epsom salt. There are natural spices that you can use to cook with that help with inflammation and such. If you like cooking Asian foods or Indian foods, you may want to look into making that part of your daily diet, because of the spices they use in their foods. I will say this, depending on where you live you may want to invest in Amazon prime if you aren’t already a member to save on deals and shipping for ordering spices.


I have had fibro for a few years now. I had test after test done and nothing. Last year they finally diagnosed with fibro. I am on 150 mg Lyrica. 1 in morning 1 in evening. It helps make the pain a little manageable. I take 100 mg naproxen 2x a day as well. With both those meds I can tell just a slight difference. But still live in intense pain everyday. Worse during the winter.


Nests would you mind sharing how the relax technique works. I I have been diagnosed with it but never told I actually had it. Imagine that!!! I need some help. I just recently started taking Lyrics and it helps some but not a lot. I have severe muscle pain n joint pain. I have been prescribed Baclofen but it makes me sick as a dogg. PLEASE help me somebody, anybody. I need suggestions PLEASE!!!


I’ve had fibromyalgia for 3 years and finding Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) has halved my pain. I do yoga stretches throughout the day and use deep heat or a heat pack. I also get acupuncture and massage to loosen tight muscles and reduce headaches, though asked for a theracane for Christmas. Mirtazapine has lifted depression and makes me sleep through the night without waking up in pain. Endep stops muscle spasms. Magnesium chelate stops restless legs. A knowledgeable and understanding GP and/or specialist helps as well. Though everyone reacts differently to medications and treatments.


Medical marijuana makes my fibro pain worse! I take nothing and just do stretches…I’m 55 and was diagnosed 30 years ago


I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2012, but had symptoms long before then. I also have Osteoarthritis, so for pain, I take Tramadol. I also take 300mg of Lyrica daily, and was prescribed with lodine or meloxicam for anti inflamatory purposes.

I just want to interject a word of caution here to my fellow sufferers. Be sure to demand your doctors do both liver and kidney function testing at LEAST every 3 months. Doctors love throwing anti inflammatory meds at us because they are afraid to prescribe opiates these days. But these meds are to be taken with much caution.

My kidneys are failing from taking too many of these meds to the point where I was told not to take so much as one aspirin for a headache. My kidney failure is stage three, and though I can take measures to insure they don’t get worse, ( by stopping ALL NSAIDs) nothing will make it get any better. I was devastated when I was told this, because they were helping me, but now, feeling that extra pain reminds me I am still alive, and not on dialysis.

So, take it from me. Do your research on every medicine you take, then research again on how they interact with other meds you are taking. You cannot trust your doctor to tell you these things, because they simply don’t know. They only know a tidbit of information they got from the drug reps that cone to the office, pushing the latest pill on them. The don’t have time to research drugs , their side effects and interactions.

You are your best advocate when it comes to checking out what could be a silent killer in your medicine chest. You could also talk to your pharmacist, and ask them to go over your meds with you from time to time.

Most importantly, make SURE hour doctor keeps a close eye on liver and kidney function. Mine was watching my liver, because I expressed concern, and it wasn’t until recently she decided to look at kidney function, only to discover we looked too late.

I hope this doesn’t happen to any of you. Just remember, anti inflammatory drugs are DANGEROUS when used long term. It’s up to you to remind your doctor to do bloodwork every three months to keep a close watch on things. Once damaged, kidneys don’t recover.


Meditation may prove useful.

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I starting drinking apple cider vinegar now it not hurting as bad dilute


Would like to know what others are doing for fibromyalgia, big issue for me.


I do. It’s been effecting me terribly the last 4.5 years, but I’ve had symptoms all my life and pains all my life. What are you having the most problems with?


Pain in wrists and ankles, tired all the time

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