Fibromyalgia stinks!

Been flaring up the last two days in intense pain. I’m exhausted! Changed my diet again to see if it would help. I’m experiencing numbness in my left foot for over a week now. Does anyone with fibromyalgia have this symptom as well?


I use vitamin e for numbness. Havent had near as problems with it since then. Hope it gets better for you.


I have had a flare up lately also. I just thought it was the weather and / or the fact that I injured my foot stepping on something wrong. I have Ehlers Danlos Hyperjoint Syndrome which causes my fibromyalgia. When my joints get more “floppy” my fibromyalgia rears its ugly head because my muscles work harder to keep the joints in place, and then my muscles don’t know when to relax again. It is like a vicious cycle that never ends!!!


I haven’t tried vitamin E. I am on a B complex called Metanx that helps with neuropathy, but it still is not always enough. I think I will try the vitamin E with it and see if that helps.


Know how you all feel, my fibromyalgia has gone back to feeling the way it did before I got diagnosed, been in horrific pain since xmas day, so 12 nearly 13 weeks now and the doctor I saw was so useless that his actually reported me before I could report him.

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Vitamin E pill or ointment?

I hope you feel better hun. This fibromyalgia life sucks!

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Ty and I hope you feel better also

I was also thinking it was the weather too when I changes or doesn’t stay consistent i flare up as well


Yes it does suck!!!

@sheeda99 fibro has so many symptoms. I’ve been having numbness&tingling. Dr. Is sending me to see if i have a pinched nerve.

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Gabapentin has helped somewhat with the numbness and tingling.


Yes me too

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I also haveit and your right its so pain
so painful that night not no medication work I always have a pressure pain on my neck and my shoulders no medication works at all I really wish there was a cure for this my mom has it my sister has it also and mine is more severe than they ours I’m always in so much pain I wish there was a cure for this


Wow I never thought of my pain that way. I have Clubfoot which is in the EDS family if I got my research correct. But I have fibromyalgia my dr wrote it on a lab paper for reasons to check something in my blood work.

My pain flares up and everything starts over working. WOW. I’m glad I came and read this post. Thank You.

Oh I also have numbness but think mine is related to my Clubfoot.


Fibro can cause numbness / neuropathy as well.


🤦🏽‍♀️ what could he report you for??? Being Truly in Pain?!???!

I Love My PCP. He understands about my pain and is understanding when something new comes up.

He is working with me they this new Medicare/Medicaid law regarding pain medication. Such a good Dr.

I take Lyrica for my numbness

Didn’t know that. Knew about the pain/shooting pain. But not much else.

I had to be switched off Lyrica because of the intractable migraine I have. The doctors were taking me off every medicine that could have a headache side effect, hoping to get rid of the migraine - epic fail … I still have this migraine (over 26 months now with not even one day without some form of it).