Fibromyalgia and life without medical help

I am going through a terrible time. I had a great Rheumatologist and then when all the issues started about medication I got dropped. I have no insurance. I can’t afford the meds that cost a fortune. They have the drugs that are causing problems for other people and causing people like me who are barely hanging on to not get meds that I need. I have just about given up. I have other health issues and I can’t even leave my house because of all my pain. It’s almost not worth the constant pain and the depression that is just getting worse with every moment. I don’t know how to find another doctor and what to do.


Never give up until the fight is won. I also suffer from fibromyalgia (along with many other ailments). If you are not already collecting social security disability I recommend contacting Binder and Binder. I fought for 5 years and lost every appeal with a local lawyer. When I had to start over with a new application I went with them and got my first check 6 months later and had Medicare two years later. I’m not sure that they can do that for everyone, but they will do everything they can to help. They might be able to get you SSI (social security insurance) on top of social security disability payments. So, don’t give up; there is help out there.


Thank you for taking time out to send some encouraging words.


I know what you are going through a lot, but there is releaf coming from above the Lord Jesus Christ is with you always, he suffering with you, he was in so much pain from the stripes on his back to the thorny crown on his head, and the cross he had carry by himself and then they nailed him to it 😭😭😭😭😭.
Your only experiencing the pain he’s feeling through you, his pain was something compared to what you have suffered.
I have gone through many challenges and struggles and troubles and surgeries and I survived everything with the Lord Jesus Christ and God blessings everyday 🙏😇💖, your life is a inspiration to me, and the person who told you that you believe in Social security office they can do wonderful things, with out God and them and my family I don’t know what would do 🙏. Just keep up your chin up, it’s not the end of the world, God has a plan for you. Amen 🙏 Hallelujah


I hope since our first message things have improved for you. I know what it’s like to feel isolated and alone when you are in pain like this. Even if you have loving friends and family they can’t begin to understand what you are going through. They try to be sympathetic and say “they are sorry, and wish they could help” but there is no way that they can help and it only gets more frustrating because you end up retreating into your own little bubble to keep others out and that only increases depression and anxiety which causes you to think that no one cares about you or understands what you are going through. I actually made a new year resolution to be more active and take control of the pain instead of the pain controlling me. Wednesday I started going for a walk to a local service station that a good friend of mine owns and began reconnecting with the people i pushed away. I have felt better emotionally, but physically painful. But the pain is always going to be there, i have to accept it. The enjoyment far outweighs the pain. And the exercise will help things get better too. Maybe not the fibromyalgia, but my type 2 diabetes and my gastrointestinal problems. And most especially the weight issues I have gained back. I hope this encourages you to take their sympathy with a grain of salt and remember they’re only saying things because they care and don’t know what else to say. But pick yourself up and go for a short walk and soon you’ll be able to walk further, but just don’t force it. It can help. You also need to find a good primary care physician who will work with you to help get the Meds you need. Mine has been a God send and we’re looking for a new pain management doctor now that we know it’s fibromyalgia, alongwith the back problems and the sciatica and the osteoarthritis. Keep talking here too if it helps. I’ll listen and reply with the best advise i can, and my rates are reasonable ( 1 smile per session, even an emoji). Take care and God bless you.


All larger city’s have clinics. I suggest 1st call your local churches


I learned a great saying that will be my motto when I get stressed and there isn’t anything I can do to change the situation. It goes:
“It’s not over when you lose, It’s over when you quit”.

I never intend to quit. And I hope pain never causes any of you to give up the fight either. God bless you all and stay safe.


There’s programs out there that will help you get your meds. I’m not sure where you live but get in touch with a doctor or your local community information and referral service.

Hi Kate, I’m also new to the group. I see a pain management doctor and he’s been helpful. The hospital that I see him at has a financial assistance program and that has helped me. I just had surgery on my back for a stimulator and they wrote off the balance after Medicare paid their part. I noticed it’s been a while since you wrote anything so I hope you have gotten help. My pain is somewhat manageable I have ok days and some bad days but most days my pain is a 4/5 and I’ll take that over days where it’s an 8. I hope this helps and you can reach out if you want to talk.

I wish I could help you. My situation isnt as bad as yours, but my Fibromyalagia has gotten worse. My doctor was honest with me and said there isnt much out there to treat it. Some days I wake up and feel bad. I wake up with my arms and my hands hurting. I dont want to do anything. I have to make myself get up and go about my day. Some days I just sleep. I just take one day at a time and pray for God’s help in my life and dealing with it all.