Fibromyalgia and Bulging Disks not fun!

I have had fibromyalgia for 6 years and lower back pain for over a year now. I thought my back was just part of the fibro for a long time until it continued to keep getting much worse and worse. My pain doctor suggested I get an MRI. I did and it showed 2 bulging disks and arthritis. I went to Spine One and got 8 weeks of injections hoping to have some pain relief. None! I was then sent to a surgeon. He tells me to get a discogram. I do the awful painful procedure and it finalizes that I need surgery. Aetna doesn’t agree. They deny everything, even the appeal. Jan 1 my insurance changed to United Healthcare. We are resubmitting the same findings. I pray they have a good team that can do the right thing and gets me some pain relief. Does anyone have experience with insurance denying a back fusion? Does anyone have tips on how to deal with horrible back pain? Also, has anyone been to rehab for there back? Did it work, are you still doing it?
Thanks everyone :)


Hello! My name is Olivia. I deal with back pain constantly from a car accident with a drunk driver 5 yrs ago. The lack of concern and treatment from clinicians progressed into FM. I now have a degenerative L5, my L2-L5 have severe arthritic properties already set in. I’m only 23 and I also deal with severe back pain. I was blessed to find a phenomenal, knowledgeable, understanding and patient chiropractor and several months after I stumbled upon a physical therapist with similar attributes (my second round of PT). That also further helped my pain and mobility! Hope this helps!

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