Fibro ups and downs

Hello. My name is Olivia.

I was in a car accident with a drunk driver 5 yrs ago at the age of 18. My first year I saw about 12-15 doctors for the constant pain, inability to move my neck, numbness and tingling in my arms and legs, leg lameness, etc etc. My back was as hard as a cinderblock, and I couldn’t move my arms above the elbow. I worked full time and was a full time student. All my doctors told me that it was because of the trauma, that I was young and it would heal. I hated life and it seemed to be an overwhelming, constant thought. After 8 months, I saw a chiropractor whom was very patient with my care, she found 2 compressed disc in my neck and 3 in my back. My second year my doctor count skyrocketed to 25. The thoughts never stopped and would ease with my progression but with the regression it got twice as bad. The lack of concern and treatment from clinicians progressed into FM 3 years later. I now have a degenerative L5, my L2-L5 have severe arthritic properties already set in, my arms and legs still ‘lock up’, among other symptoms and diagnosis’, medication has helped but if I’m not careful simple things can cause a flare up. I’m tired all the time and no one truly understands. I’m only 23 and I do have stress, depression, anxiety and I try to stay calm but it’s difficult. Everyday life is hell and emotionally I’m beaten down. Any tips or advice when it comes to the emotional ups and down would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all.


I hear you

My rheumatologist told me to do yoga or meditation every day for a minimum of 20 minutes at a time. I’m not very good at sitting still, so it’s difficult for me but you might try it.


I used to do it and it helped but I can’t do it at home. I have to go somewhere and do it and where I am it’s a 30-45 min drive to the next town for a class like that.

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Sorry to hear you’re not well enough to get out to do things that work for you, will send you lots of positive thoughts😁


It sounds like we are twinsies, lol. I joined group therapy & it’s been a big help. I also have a psychology doctor too. Without them I have also felt like giving up.


I appreciate your time and consideration in this matter, I’m grateful for your supporting me in your life, and giving me your heart and soul.
But my success isn’t all mine alone, I had some help, God was with me holding my breath and keeping me in his hands. He was not far away from me, the enemy tried to take me out, but he failed, I’m alive because of my faith and trust in the Lord and Jesus Christ, he is my Testimony of everything that I have been through.
Do you have the faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ 🙏😇 Hallelujah, what he did for me he will do for you, please please please, forgive me I know what you are thinking, I’m not to convert you, I’m just trying to get to understand why your body is in the state it’s in.
There is a unseen enemy that wants to keep everyone to be afraid 😡🤧🤕🧐😈😬 going through everyone of the things you described, he is real, that is how he wants people to feel. In pain, challenges, troubles, issues, struggling with pain and hurt, everything you are describing is, a part of God’s plan. He knows we won’t listen to him, without having something get our attention, and the devil knows this, he is trying to stay hinden.
God doesn’t want you in pain, but you are part of a challenge or a test, to see where you’re heart and soul is, and if you choose Jesus Christ you will be on the right side, but if you choose to be on the Left side, then you have to live with the pain. I have been through so much, in my life, but I survived, everything that the enemy Devil meant for my bad, God blessed me with my life, and even though I have challenges I know have to trust God for the answer 🙏 Hallelujah.
Pray for guidance and help for God 🙏 to show you the hearts of the doctors, and your caregivers, he will be with you if you have trust and believe, that is all he wants from us. I’ll pray for you and your heart, and that God answers your question.

I’m so very sorry for what you are experiencing.

I have been treated for anxiety and depression long before my fibromyalgia diagnosis. The fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression all seem to exacerbate one another.

I try very hard to keep my life balanced and not overdo it or under-do… but it’s just difficult to ensure that we are living within our limits, isn’t it? I feel you.

I’ve been considering an emotional support dog. My dog died over a year ago and he took such good care off me. He seemed to know when I was in pain or feeling anxious & down. He was ALWAYS by my side.

Chin up, my friend. 💛