Fibro sucks😪

Still suffering it stinks I didn’t even know I had fibromyalgia until my mother developed ms and I wanted to check to make sure I didn’t have it so I went to a pain clinic and they diagnosed me with fibromyalgia looking for support please🐶


What are your symptoms?

Developed fibro after undergoing chemo treatments. Mostly controlled with meds so pain is able to be ignored. Rain and temperature changes can affect it. Some days I just curl up with heating pads and a book.


Join the group sunshine, we understand your pain. I use Gabapentin it helps me.


My symptoms are ibs chronic pain fatigue leaky gut ect.i have fibromyalgia symptoms everything that goes with having fibromyalgia

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I’m with all of you so I totally understand fell for you!!! Nice to have a
group to talk to and share with.
I have the laundry list for my lower back thus 100% disabled.😪👎
They were able to fix my neck with 2 fusions plates and screws.😁


Hi all. I’m 58, found myself on disability 2 1/2 years ago after working 20 years. Struggle with osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and hiatal hernia ( bad one).

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Ive got fibro as well. Worked for forever with it, suffered my way through it with osteoarthritis as well. Im a strong woman for the most part but can’t take much any more. I’m on alot of meds.

Could I suggest a hobby? What do you do in your spare time? Work?


Hi, I trust God to bring me through when I have pain. For me prayer gives me confront. And I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ will heal me. So be strong and trust in Jesus Christ he loves you aways.

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I make jewelry and color. Some days I just sleep all day. If it weren’t for my dogs Sam(a Maltese) and Maximus (a shitzu terrier mix) some days I wouldn’t even get up.

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Hi im dealing with Arthritis in both knees the pain is unbareable sometimes my Dr. said i need knee replacement im scared have anyone experience that before

I am going through diagnosis I was told I have 2 markers for fibromyalgia, but that’s all she said. If I may ask how did they diagnose?

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Hi Sunshine hey fibro does indeed suck. I’ve had it for years. Actually some symptoms seem to get worse as I age. Sleep is getting trickier but I’ve got more hurting me. And the less I sleep, the more I hurt. Thus begins the cycle. I no longet work. I read alot, crochet when my hands permit me, and love baking. All in moderation, you know, as your body permits you. Lol

Very painfully when my rheumatologist hit those pressure points on me all of them put my pain level on 10, and it last for 2 or 3 days.

Hi Delores, I’m so sorry to hear about what you’re going through. I found a few topics in the community that I thought might be helpful for you to connect with others about arthritis and knee surgery.

Here’s are the links below:

Feel free to introduce yourself and ask questions in the topics above. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to create a new topic of your own. :)

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I also have fibromyalgia I’ve had it since I was about 30 and I’m 61 about to be 62 next month. People that don’t have it don’t understand how it affects you. I can do one thing that’s different and suffer for days and some days I don’t even have to do anything in the pain in my neck and my shoulders and parts of my body I can’t even stand for anything to touch my skin. It’s very painful and I wouldn’t wish this on anybody and I’m so sorry that you’re suffering with it also.

I have fibro too. I can’t take Lyrica due to depression and can’t take Gabepentin due to drowsiness. I find that certain antidepressants help a lot. I also take muscle relaxers and pain meds ( mainly for arthritis) which do help the fibro pain- regardless of what my pain management Dr.’s day.

I do too! It suck sometimes. I also have severe osteoarthritis so some part of me hurts all the time. Usually my back, knees, ankles, or left elbow. I am on pain meds, but also get cortisone injections, epidural/cortisone injections and gel replacement injections for my knees. I’ve tried every med, p.t., and injection. I’ve even tried methotrexate, and other rheumatoid arthritis meds to see if they would help because they were unsure of my diagnosis. I have a wonderful rheumatologist/pain management Dr. Who I’ve been going to for about 18 years. His office is up on any and all new treatments, etc. so I consider myself lucky in that respect.

They push on pressure points. There are about 15 of them. If you jump off the table right thru the roof when they push on enough of them, you probably have fibro! They don’t have anything more scientific yet, but it’s pretty accurate.

Hi, This is Gloria, I’m taking meds. For back pain and this summer. There is medication for my back pain. I have a herniated vertebrae in my lower back which are around my pinned neve. Thank you. I love my care zone help areas.