Fatigue Tracker

Anyone else wish there were a Tracker option for fatigue?
Or a way to create custom trackers?
I love them, but there’s some things I’m suppose to track (for my doctors) that aren’t options. Just a couple though 😉
They definitely got the big ones.


It would be a great addition I’ll agree. It’s usually the first thing I get asked when I see my doctor but as you say everything important is covered otherwise. But, because everything else is covered if I have to do without one to get the rest of them I won’t complain a bit.

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Try using the Journal or Notes section

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Hi @Kimmy! Thanks so much for sharing your suggestion for a Fatigue Tracker here!

To help build support for this idea, I’ve updated this topic title to “Fatigue Tracker”, so others can easily find it and vote on it.

I’m happy to share that we are currently working on many new Trackers, and “fatigue” is a topic that is high on the list. If this does become a Tracker in the future, we’ll be sure to update you here. :)

In the meantime, feel free to share your support for Custom Trackers in the topic below:


We appreciate your support and ideas on how to make CareZone more helpful!

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I record my strength and balance in the notes of the sleep tracker, as they are so closely joined… in other words, when I get a few nights’ good sleep, my strength shows up. I don’t really track fatigue any more, as it’s typically a constant. There’s no physical strength or ability tracker either. My doctors and I, too, would gain from the ability to create a custom tracker.

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Great suggestion!

That would be an awesome tracker

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