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My dad informed me that in March he was diagnosed with cancer. I don’t live with him so I’m not sure how to help. This devastates me because I lost my aunts and uncles all to cancer. Anyone have any suggestions on how I could help from where I live now?


I had cancer in 15 and I lived on the west coast and my mother and older brother lived on the east coast. Just call him all the time to check in on him and ask him about all the doctors, the cancer and the procedures and of course how he’s feeling💕

You can help him by being a huge part of his support system keep in touch with him on a regular basis talk to him about his doctor’s appointments and how things are going at home and how he’s feeling being in a different state doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of his care plan as well if you need to talk to the doctors of course you will have to have his consent maybe you asking him if he has a durable power of attorney or living will those are two things that are very important of getting done especially with somebody having cancer showing him your strength will help him to be strong himself chapitas cancer in full force I’m praying for you both

That was supposed to say to beat this cancer in full force I need to proofread sorry

I would suggest talking with someone in a cancer support group in your area, hopefully a medical professional who can help you understand the type of cancer your father has, and the treatments he’s under going, so you can be as supportive as possible. Ask your father what he wants you to do, and then do all you can to achieve what he’s asked of you. I’ve been through having several close family members and friends with cancer. Some were close by, but 1 was completely across the country from us. That does make it more difficult, but with good communication, it’s definitely easier to bare.

Maybe, spend a day with him. See how he is actually feeling, what the prognosis is and find what his options are. What does he want? Quality vs time? If it is good prognosis , plan a vacation or something that he wants to do. It will give him something to look forward too. If poor prognosis, (I do not know his age or circumstances.
When anyone heres the word “hospice” they think of death. It might have been that way 15 years ago. But some people can be it on it for years. You can get chemo or radiation to help with the symptoms, you stop at anytime. They provide a-l
ot support for the patient and the family. There explain things and let you know what to expect. There is something comforting in it. When it comes to the end of life, they are the best at knowing what medications will help. They can buy some of the costly medications, provide a hospital bed, they have aids and nurses that come and check on the patient.I have had breast cancer at 39 years old. I was lucky. I did not think that i would be so tired going through the radiation. It would probably give peace of mind to have his affairs in order.
I hope all the best for him. It
is nice that you care enough to ask for advice. He is lucky to have you.