Family and relatives

Why do your family. Will not help you when you are sick. They always find the excuse. They are too busy are you stay too far away. If they if they give you something they want to take it back. Tell me if you tell them that you didn’t do something. Always think you are telling a lie. I have lived 73 years that I do not have to tell a lie. I have earned my right to tell anybody what I want to say. If they don’t want to hear it parrot take and keep walking away. You know it was said best in the movie gone with the wind frankly my kids I don’t give a damn. Have a nice day


I know what it feels like when,your children don’t care.
I,moved to Nebraska from WA STATE 2 YEARS AGO…
the first year was terrible no one cares except my son,but I lived in their basement for 2 months before I got an apt. I was constantly saying I’m sorry…finally I,moved into my own apt…
Then I spent time alone…
There’s no way to change anyone. I believe only God can do that.
I’m not to bad living by myself even though I have mental health issues. My son and daughter in,law finally came around when I wrote a suicide not the first ever since I’ve been ill since I was 33 and I’m 62 now…I’m on,my own.
I,feel for you…I have a ex in WA state and my son there is brutally abuse to him the Senior is 82 and my son is 35.
My eldest son just reported him for elder abuse two days ago and asked that he be removed from,my ex’s home…he’s been there since last July 19…and no job or not paying rent… Anyway not to get away from yo yup r statement…I pray you are okay and your children treat you better and your family as well