Good morning everyone let’s try to move around a little today get some exercises,all positive thoughts and actions love you guys have a fantastic day and GOD BLESS YOU


You as well take care😊

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Have a wonderful day!

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Good Morning Henry, hope your day is going good! At Chiropractor’s now, then off to the gym with hubby for 30min. Whole body work out and 40 mins. Of Cardio. 5 days a week. Been doing this for 1 month, still no weight loss. They said that muscle weights more than fat, so it will start the weight loss after I build muscles. I hope. So. Keep your chin up, we can do this! God Bless You!

Good morning Henryowl;
How are you, on this less humid day??
Today the humidity is much lower, thank God.
Yesterday was horrible!!!, temp wise at 10am-about 87° BUT humidity was close to 100°, and this was all day; unbearable, soon as I opened front door it was like a oven. (Live in the Joliet,IL region) I stayed in with my air on for sure…
Today, windows are open & much better. I’ve never been one to look forward to fall temps but i can’t wait till summer humidity is OVER & the cooler days & night’s are here!!!😉
Have a great day…

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