Exams, frenzy ... gettin on the right track again

Welcome, programs! … wait, that’s not the case.

Greetings to all fellow nerds and mods on the forums of the monks. I humbly ask you to enter these Holy halls again. Lukes

I’ve been back and forth on SF, well, mostly off. Life and University have been busy, and right now, I’m facing the start of the fateful exam time.

And I noticed one thing: the crazier and more animated it gets,the more I let everything else go down. Food, housework, don’t even talk about exercise. The best exercise I can offer is a 4-hour bike ride, which was actually a 1-hour ride, but … I got lost and burned in the sun <.< >.> <.<. More disturbing is that I’m slowly spiraling down to thoughts like " Why is everyone doing so much better than me, they don’t deserve it more than me." So this has to stop. Obviously.

Well, I know that " everything will be very different now!"it won’t work. So I will stick to the highly rated little steps, which means for me, for the rest of the problem:

Start the process of cleansing your diet. Which basically means: reduce your carbohydrate intake; the ideal case is that I overcome the craving for sweets by the end of the test and get rid of the grains again. I plan to become fully primal again, as I once did, very well, until I somehow got lost for some reason.

So any kicks to the back are very much appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

Courier6 bows out


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Thanks for greetings! Good luck for you, your plan is a good one! Hope you’ll manage to do everything.

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By the way, goliaph, thanks a lot for your sharing, this service is awesome! You literally saved my future, thank you!

Yes the carbs is a big part of losing weight. Are you also watching your salt intake it can make a big difference.