Erectile Disorders

Who experiences lack of veaso constriction. My husband has this issue. We are so frustrated in ourselves and each other. Please leave your comment and tell me how I can help.

An understanding wife and a penis ring works for us.
Unlike most men I make my wife the priority, if I reach orgasm great, if not oh well, but her pleasure comes first.
In the event of a total failure there is always adult toys nobody admits to using


I’m havening The same problem viagra doesn’t help I’m having problems as well Viagra does not give me any help either I don’t know

I know where your coming from and I’ll be the first to admit until I got my medication adjusted I’d have to pretty my take care of my wife orally or with a toy and the use my hands/fingers to get it hard enough to penetrate her and orgasm myself.
Limp or erect it does the same and feels the same

thank you for the reply on your answer I appreciate it very much have a good day

If it is really important and causing relationship issues, there is a medical procedure that they in insert a device that would allow him to control over his erections. Of course, i do not know if your at that point. It would depend on his circumstances and his health. Ii would find a recommended, recognized urologist. Good luck

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