Hi, I have epilepsy too.
I take keppra and topiramarate.
1000 mg keppra and 50 mg topiramarate morning and night.
I had many convulsions…I feel very scary in my job…in places out my house…but little bit everything come back in the routine…God is good all the time.
God Bless you and your daughter.


Ive been on keppra before. Ir turned me into a hermit. Let me restart conversation my name is clyde. When I was 18 i was in a 1 car accident. We hit 6 trees i went through the windshield. In order to keep my 5 different types of seizures under control. It takes lyrica, lamotrigfine & tegretol. And I wouldn’t
Wish a seizure on my worst enemy
Ive had them since I was 18. Ended my
Military career. I had plans of spending
2 0 or 30 yrs in. Ive recently started losing
Weight. Mid January i weighed 225 now
I weighed in at 200.1
Any ideas on sudden weight loss

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Clydeallen, I feel for you. Thanks for your post here. It’s interesting to me to hear about your accidents and seizures. I had a couple of falls down stairs in childhood, and one down concrete stairs at the dolphin show in Sea World in my teens. In addition, I once was thrown from the far back bed of our Rambler station wagon when a relative was learning to drive. This in the early sixties, before seat belts, and I was five or six. Yep, hit my head on the dashboard. Daddy always said I was hard-headed! We didn’t know about these being traumatized head injuries then. And I had a lot more minor ones too. I didn’t want to be a wimp. No doctors for me!

That’s terrible about your military career. So very sorry.

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Clydeallen, I meant ‘traumatic’ brain injuries but autocorrect thinks it’s smarter than I am.

Some medicines make people lose weight as a side effect, or gain weight. It varies with the person, sad to say, and there’s no predicting how they’ll do or how they might interact with each other. These things may change over time. Lamotragine stopped working fo me, and so did fycompa. Aptiom appears to be working, for now. Side effects sometimes crop up in ways you don’t expect over times. It can be frustrating. Even more frustrating is when you feel a seizure coming on, or you have one, and you can’t do something you want to do. And other people think you’re making it up! These major ones are the stuff of nightmares and sometimes it’s hard to get them under control. I’ve had them one after another and never want anyone besides my husbands to see them.

My father and sisters cut me, my husband, and daughter out of their lives because this kept me from an important family event that I very much wanted to attend. I was told people die from these kinds of seizures and that I’m lucky to be alive. We did everything we could to prevent me from having to be hospitalized against my will. One seizure after another with us trying every available med and intervention while I stayed in my bed with hubby by my side. I knew if I went into hospital they wouldn’t let me leave for days.

I’m on disability for seizures after some frightening incidents in front of my students and car wrecks. But my family doesn’t believe me. So, I guess I’m better off within them, but it was a painful thing to see the betrayal. I hope you have some support. I’m grateful for my husband and daughter.

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I’ve been having about twice a week or more with epilepsy/seizures. I couldn’t tell what causes it. Sometimes, autistic overload i hit occipital robe without knowing how strong I’m doing. Sometimes it just happens with no reasons. Up till last months, when i complained how tired it is after having seizures or get confused, (i tends to forget to tell things), she told me about there’s anti seizure meds that specifically targets. Starting low dose and if it works fine, if not slowly increase and see how it goes. The med is depakoeex extended release 500mg T, yes i know it sounds big but it’s not. It is supposed to be sleepy for some, but i take it in morning cuz May be due to autism any meds that waifs makes me drowsy never do. I’ve been on for a month, first week 1 dose, second week on 2 dose, tho 1 worked i my opinión. But i never have seizures anymore!! :) hopefully works well onto next month!

Yeah these smartphones think they’re smarter than us. I wish you all of the best on seizure control. Dr figured out I have 7 different kinds. And at 11 pills a day I’m not taking anymore that that. Still having trouble holding weight. Have a Great and Blessed day

I hope it does work and keeps your seizurea under control
I’ve been on depakote before 3250mg per day. After 10 years at that level it quit working. But there is bbetter and more effective meds out there. Talk to your Dr about your ooptions. Have a great day and God Bless

It helps me with energy

I had my first one at 49. Christmas morning. They tell me I’ve had it since birth. I understand how she feels. After each seizure or med change they take my Liscense away for 6 mths. You start to worry about driving what if, showers, stairs etc. What I did was take each item at a time and worked it out. I never drive with anyone other than immediate family. I make sure they know what to do if I have one while I’m behind the wheel. I make sure everyone knows what to do if I have one. Keep meds, phone numbers etc in wallet for EMS. Doing small things like this helped me feel like I had some sort of control with this. That is one of the problems. I know this was a while back, I hope she is doing great

I started having seizures at 24 with no history of it in my family that we know of (grandmother is adopted) my advice to your daughter is it gets easier once you find a med that works. I was terrified at her age. I just got the mindset of I was going to live my life the best I could. Now I’m seizure free for 20 years I’m happily married, live in Maui and have 2 beautiful grown daughters. Let her know it is possible to live a normal life.

My boyfriend has seziers