Epilepsy and seizure disorder


This would be very helpful for me. I have memory loss do to my epilepsy. And this sight is going well. Some of my meds are prn and it keeps telling me that I’m missing my meds but I know I’m not. So a prn option would be nice.


Hello—Thank you for your suggestion!

I’m happy to share that there is an option to mark your meds “as needed” (PRN). Here’s how:

1- Tap Medications.
2- Tap the med name that you want to mark as PRN.
3- Make sure all the boxes are unchecked below “Daily medication reminders”.
4- Also make sure there are no reminders listed below “Custom reminders”. (If there is, tap the reminder time listed and select the option to delete it).

I’m here if you have any questions or were looking for help with something else. :)

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When setting up your meds in the app…when you get to the instructions area just write: take 1 tab as needed and it lists it in the prn area and states take 1 tab as directed. This worked for me


Thanks very helpful


This stops the daily reminder but also make sure the reminders are all unchecked


I see a chiropractor once a week. It helps control the stress & pain. I’m seizure- free for 9 months


Go to google play store & install speaking alarm clock. It has a red rim on the clock. Set it at the time you take your medicine, scroll down where it says memo, type pill time & everyday at the exact time you set it on speaking alarm clock , it’ll tell you pill time. You won’t miss a dose.


I already have enough set up the app. I have a med change and now one of them is wrong in the schedule. I am trying to figure out how to change the time you take your night pills. I changed them all one by one yesterday and they went back to the way they were.


Got to med you’re setting up. Then click on set up times and choose custom times and choose your times there


Hi @madsha! Here’s how to to change the reminder time for a med:

Android Instructions:

1- Tap Medications (bottom left).
2- Make sure the LIST tab is selected (top left).
3- Tap the med name you want to edit.
4- Tap the current reminder time listed under “Custom reminders”.
5- Select a new preferred time.
6- Tap Done to save.

Here’s a link to more detailed instructions as well:


I’m here to help if you have any questions!

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