Finally have been schedule my spinal epidural in town without having to go to their other clinic which is 30 miles north. Pandemic had delayed it. Hoping it will help so I don’t have to have surgery.


I have had over a dozen injections from Epidurals to Nerve Burns, etc. Over the last ten years. I have 3 bad Discs and my Sciatica has shifted leaving me in 24/7 Chronic pain to the point that my Social Security Disability was approved recently.

The first Epidural injections normally work well to relieve pain for upwards of 18 - 24 months so wish you the best.


Thanks. I have been on SSD since Nov 2017 due to my back nerve damage which causing falls. Still have that problem. I actually did have a lot of pain until the last 18 months.

I hope it helps too. I had one on the 5th and it has helped some, the doctor says it will still work more. Good luck and God bless. Keep us posted.

Thanks. Scheduled for early July.

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