Editing posts and user profiles


Are you able to add the ability for us to edit comments, etc after posting so we can correct typos or possibly add onto our comments? I have found silly mistakes in some of my posts, and would love to be able to correct them, or add a comment or link to go along with the topic.



I came here looking to see if anyone else wanted this feature & if not was going to add it! Theft are often times I read back over what I wrote & realize I called something the wrong name or left out something important. It is o of ultimate importance that we be able to edit journal entries! If CareZone ia concerned about keeping the integrity of journal entries, edits can be in another color or in italics.


Great idea!! I was also thinking members could share as much or as little of what they would like others to see in their profile. I’d like to be able to get a little info about the people I am talking to. You know, like a profile picture, which we can already do, but if we click on a user name, a little about them shows up. Maybe like where they live in general, just city and state, their age if they want to share it, and whatever else they want to share, such as hobbies, interests etc. Then if they want, they could also ad in health interests and their ailments or concerns. I think just that much would help us know who we are addressing, and we can customize our posts to those people to fit their illnesses or interests. I think it would be extremely helpful in helping us interact. I have never seen a community last long at all if you can’t help the users become friends and talk to each other. If you can’t get people to talk amongst themselves, it will fizzle and die quickly because people lose interest.