Edit time zone and Daylight Saving Time

Is there a way to change from daylight saving time? I’m tired of my meds being 1 hour off.

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Turn the clock back


Why can’t I change the time zone in the app. You currently have me in Puerto Rico - which has my schedule to take medication wrong. This is standard practice for any app.

I just need to know how to change my clock for meds schedule. I’m personally working to adjust. I have 3 dogs and 1 cat on seizure meds. I noticed they weren’t adjusting to being on normal time. So I backed them up an hour. Then it hit me part of my adjusting was due to my med schedule. I’m 100% disable. So I spend on average 19-20 hours a day reading. Thanks to opioid war pain meds are non- existent. Reading takes me out of my body. When I read I don’t keep track of time, day or even year. It has caused me problems but there is nothing medicine I.e. doctors can do for me. If I miss an appointment no big deal. The VA is a 50 mile round trip. The energy I spend getting there and home is not worth the trouble. My children are out on their own. My dogs and cats get mildly annoyed when I get nasty. They know which cat or dog to send in to clam me down. Anyway I need to take clock off daylight savings time. Who is keeping track of all the time we’ve saved? Where did it go? Just wondering. Our farmers the it. I hate it. And anyone I have contact with hates it.

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Hi @map and @AngelaM1!

The time zone and clock are set by your device, but sometimes the info needs to be synced again in order to update.

To fix the issue, try signing out of your CareZone app and signing back in. Here are instructions:

1- Tap Home (bottom left).
2- Tap your profile icon (top left).
3- Tap Settings (at the bottom).
4- Tap Sign Out (top right on Android, bottom on iOS).
5- On the “Welcome Back!” screen, enter your registered email and password to sign in again.

If you still run into issues, please send an Inbox message through the app or email support@carezone.com so we can help you.

Thanks! —Ivy

Hi @Guy2000! Apologies for any confusion. Your device controls the time settings in CareZone. To fix the issue, follow the steps in my reply above. If you need additional help, please send an Inbox message through the app so our support team can investigate and help further. Thanks so much! —Ivy

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I manually change time of meds, from 8 to 7, and note the 2 times of alarms. I auto feed my cats & 1 gets thyroid meds twice daily.

Hi @Cheryll! The time zone is determined by your device, but sometimes the app needs a refresh to sync time changes. Signing out and back in to the app should fix the issue for you.

Here’s a link to instructions from my post above:


This article has additional info as well:


Reply here or send us an Inbox message if you need additional help.

Thanks and Happy Holidays! —Ivy