Eating Healthy

G’Day All

Why are the prices so high to eat healthy? If they would make the healthy food more affordable, and raise the price of the junk foods. They would get people not having Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity, High Blood Pressure, the list goes on and on.

What do you think?


Yes I am 71 year old and I need to get healthy lifestyle eat good food and live in good condition Apt not expensive than more 500 Hundreds Dollar , has activities and close to my Daughter’s south East area her living code 77062 Clear lake …? Thanks if you can help me to move that area I wish Thanks again

I totally agree with you. Us Poor people wouldn’t be so fat if we could save money on healthy foods. There’s a whole industry out there on making us fatter. Then they sell you diets, diet pills, diet books, diet teas, etc. Etc. All to take our money!

I found that the 99 cent Store has wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables. They aren’t always the same, they very by season, but you can’t beat the prices. If you go early in the morning you get the best produce. Have a great healthy day!


Agree, amen to that!

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