Easily identify profiles (when switching profiles or when in the More module)

I help care for & track 3 others besides myself so I am frequently moving from one profile to another, often losing track of whose record I have opened. If each page could have an identifier it would save time, lessen (my) confusion & reduce the chance of mistakes.


I was going through the new-style record of meds taken and missed – “You took all your 2pm medicines” / “You missed one of your 8pm medicines” and so on – and then tapped the medications icon at the bottom of the screen, so I could check the description of one of my pills. AND IT SHOWED ME MY CAT’S MEDICATION LIST. There’s no indication whatsoever on that page of whose medication list you’re seeing. In this case it was obvious enough that “Advantage II, Large cat parasiticide” was not for me, but think of the danger to e.g. an elderly couple, perhaps somewhat forgetful or fuzzy-minded, with similar med lists.

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I manage 2 profiles. There is already a place in the top left corner of the app with a generic blue “person” icon. I added a profile image in the hope of seeing that appear on the dashboard, but alas the image icon is still blue. I have already entered data for the wrong person because I didn’t know I was on the wrong profile. This seems like an easy change.

I’m glad we can add profiles, but the app doesn’t always show which one we’re in. I have 2 profiles going, one for me and one for my aging cat, who has six meds/supplements that I need to keep track of. Since the app doesn’t record the time when I check one off on the med schedule, I have to tap MORE on the footer, then JOURNAL.* When the Journal page comes up it says “You” in big letters at the top. The input field says something like “Make an entry in Ista (cat)'s journal,” but that disappears as soon as I start to type.

  • I think it’s Journal rather than Notes; when the More page comes up I know by location on the page.

Sometimes after I’ve just typed a couple of words, like maybe “An hour ago”, the phone rings or I have to run to the john or the teakettle whistles or …, and when I come back I don’t remember which profile I’m in. The top still just says “You”. This happened to me the other day, and I put a note in my journal about the cat’s meds. I didn’t realize my mistake till I posted the note, and then it was too late: I couldn’t delete or edit it. All I could do was add a comment, and go write the note in the cat’s journal.

The big headline always says “You” no matter what. Heck, I KNOW I’m me! Why not make that headline identify whose journal you’re in? (And maybe use a smaller font size in case / if the name is a long one, like “Aunt Sherry in Toledo” because there’s another Aunt Sherry on the other side of the family.)

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Hi @mamandel—Thanks for your post! I’m happy to help you.

I’ve moved your reply from the “Make med schedule more accessible” topic to its own topic here.

I certainly understand your view on identifying the profiles when using the Journal (or other items in the More module)! Thanks to your feedback here, our developers are looking into a way to improve this down the road. If this area is updated, we’ll be sure to notify you here in this community topic.

When recording scheduled meds in the Schedule tab, you can edit the time of day the med was given or taken. Here’s how:

  1. In the SCHEDULE tap, tap the pencil icon to the right of the med name.
  2. From there, you can choose the correct time of day and save.

The app does not yet provide a way to print/view a single historical record of the time of day meds were recorded though (for example, a list of the whole month). If you were looking for this, please feel free to add this idea to the community.

The Android app does not yet support editing Journal entries, but you can edit entries on iOS or by signing in to the web at CareZone.com.

If you run into any issues, send an Inbox message through the app for our support team (or reply here and I’ll be glad to help)!

Thank you,

Community Manager

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Thanks for this information.

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Anytime! Thank you for sharing your ideas. I think they’re great and I hope they can become part of a future update.

Have a wonderful day!

Community Manager

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I took a look at the method you recommended for noting the actual time of a dose. Unfortunately, it’s not at all suited to my needs. I take 12 different meds at “breakfast time”, whenever that may be each day in my off-center diurnal cycle, and I really don’t want to go through those steps for all of them. I have them scheduled at 9:30 for the smaller pills and 9:35 for the bigger ones, because that’s how I have had to fit them in my weekly pillbox. So on the schedule I tap Take All and Hide Taken for those two times, and journal “All breakfast pills taken”.

I have another request/suggestion/recommendation, but that belongs in a separate message.

Here’s a real-life example of the importance of identifying the relevant profile on every screen. Yesterday I got results of a couple of blood tests I had about a week ago, hemoglobin A1C and vitamin B₁₂. There is a tracker for A1C, though not for B₁₂, so I started the A1C tracker and put the value in.

Just now I gave kittycat one of her meds and went into the app to record it.
Imagine my shock to see
A1C Weight
5.4 12.7
% lbs.

Apparently I’d lost track of whose profile I was in and added my hemoglobin count to Ista’s records. After posting this note I’ll log in through a browser and see if I can delete it there.

In this case the error was obvious, but that’s not a reliable warning. If instead of my cat, the profile had been that of another adult human I was taking care of, it could have been much harder to spot. And THAT error would be potentially extremely dangerous.

I’m so sorry that happened to you! Thanks for sharing more details about your experience and why a clearer indicator of the current profile in view is important. Our developers are definitely looking into this for consideration through future updates.

Community Manager