Dryer Shredding my favorite Clothes/Spoiled puff sleeves

On my third “repair” attempt from Geek Squad and Special Forces. Since nearly the first part of buying my dryer almost 3 years ago, it has shredded and snagged our clothes. We had GSD come out and look at it and they could not find any issues or burrs or any reason why it is causing this. We have been hang drying most of our clothes, and only drying towels or things that we dont mind getting ruined.

Last week called warranty again to see if we can get it resolved because we are just sick and tired of having to hang our clothes when we have a dryer, and also tired of it eating and tearing everything. After another tech company came out to say they couldnt find it either (after taking nearly the whole dryer apart), the answer I got from support was there was nothing they could do other than keep sending someone out until they find the issue…

I think they should replace the dryer under my warranty. They are saying they cant because they havent replaced any parts. This makes no sense and they said that they will send another person out to come look at it again. When they dont find anything, they still wont do anything. Whats the point of the warranty then? Its a defective product and they wont honor their word on it. And on top if it, they told me that I will have to start paying out of pocket at some point for any warranty calls.

Just so frustrated. Why cant a company just be honorable and do the right thing?

The most disapoiting thing is that my favorite puff sleeves had been spoiled…


Tell them that if they do not resolve the problem you will have no choice other than to call the better business bureau and let them know how n what the dryer is doing. As well as exactly how the company has failed to handle the situation in a proper and timely manner.


Man, just buy another one. Don’t waste your time on this stuff. And one more thing. I guess, your clothes didn’t survive it? You should try buying high quality clothes from a good shop. I’ve found one store a year ago. Talking about Lily Lulu Fashion store. They have a cheap, high quality and good looking clothes. And it’s durable enough. For example, I bought a puff sleeve for my girl tree years ago and today it looks as good as then, all through it was washed and dryed several times.

just sit down get your money together and go get you another dryer sit back and enjoy it take your old dryer take pictures of it and pictures of your name rotten torn clothes that are damaged put them on the Internet and let them know what model and name brand that dryer is and it it came with a warranty Etc and where you bought it from and tell him how great the warranty was not Sometimes some bad publicity will get you solved

LOL. What publicity? Just gave an advice to this poor guy. Don’t be paranoid :D