Does anyone take Trulicity?

Does anyone have any information on Trulicity? Dr. tried to put me on it and I know nothing about it. How old is it, what is it for, what is the success/failure ratio, side effects and long term effects of this drug?


What I read
Trulicity may also cause serious side effects, including possible thyroid tumors (including cancer), inflammation of your pancreas, low blood sugar, serious allergic reactions, or severe stomach problems. Some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems (including kidney failure).



And we say this drug is safe?

I was put on Trulicity last year and it made me horribly ill. I was vomiting all the time. I lost 40lbs. in two months and my stomach has been messed up ever since. To date I have lost 80 lbs. total in a year! Worst months of my life. They insist that I stay on it because the doctor was insistent that since it was fly season it was a stomach bug and not the Trulicity I was having issues with.

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Is the not concerned or does he want you to get used to it? Weight loss is a side effect of the drug and so are stomach problems. It sounds like you may have allergic reaction. You may want to seek a second opinion.

This is my fear. I have problems with drugs.

I was only on it for two months. I’m now on insulin.

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Time to get a doctor that has your best interest at heart. You have the right to refuse treatment AND get a second opinion. If you listenn to the ads on tv for Trulicity, you won’t want it. My Endo suggested it to me, but because I am REALLY sensitive to meds, I said no. Beccause unlike a pill that leaves your body in 24-72 hour, injections don’t. Good luck and God bless you

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Yes, I do it work well with the other meds
My A1c was 11 now it’s 7 within 3or4 months
If u do what u hv to do it Works.

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My Step Mom takes it. She said it works great. Go to their web site, they have all the information you could need.

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I was on it approx 6 months, but it did nothing for me. On Ozempic and it works really well for me. My largest problem is loosing weight. My Dr wants me to loose , but has not ssid how much. He said wants to take me off of some of my meds(ie high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and reduce my other diabetic meds.

I been on it for a long while. When I first was on it was a high dose that left me sick as a dog. My stomach rebelled and I have gas so much you could see it grow. I talked to the Dr and she took me off for 1 month and started me on low dosage and no problem and she’s tested me to make sure nothing comes forth from it. The biggest thing people don’t do is document while you are first on a medication so that when see the doctor you can go over you work with said medicine…and always have a list of things for the Dr…

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Because they don’t know and don’t care to know. You are more valuable to them sick.

How much do you weigh? I would shoot for 10% of that for now. Give yourself a reasonable time to do it.

For example if 10% is 30 pounds, give yourself 2 years. Never rush weight loss, it causes problems.

Good luck.

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Doctors are not interested. I document everything and make observations and they never care to see it.

Hope they do for you.

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I document everything, including what i eat, if forsome reason i am late taking my meds, etc using myfitnesspal a great app.

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I track on My Fitness Pal also. I keep a written log also. It adds a different dimension to my health. I add travel notes. Sick days. Stress days, etc.

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I must be lucky because my Dr really does care, she asked for thing of me and as I ask from her.

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Just watch Trulicty commercials they take more time explaining the side effects then explaining the benefits.