Do you remember your dreams?

We all have the ability to dream while sleeping. Can you remember the last dream you had or recall dreams from the past? ✨


Standing in a very long line for the bathroom. I woke up and had to go potty. Lol

I don’t dream very often but when I do I do remember them

Some I cam remember some I don’t. My last dream was about having breakfast at a dinner with my boyfriend and then taking our dog for a walk sry a local park.

I seldom dream because I don’t get into that realm of sleep due to pain.

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No and I can’t ever remember if I ever have remembered them. My wife does and often journals them.
Sometimes I’m glad that I don’t remember my dreams but sometimes I wish I did.

when I was younger I would dream that in my past I was cockroach

Yes I remember almost all my dreams they are so vivid but they are also very scary and sometimes very nightmarish I’m on medication for my night terrors but that don’t always work when I take a nap during the day that’s in the dreams come

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yes I remember my dreams a little too much and are always night cares I mean I’m on medication for it but sometimes it just doesn’t work my dreams are way too Vivid I can smell taste everything in my dreams and I remember every one of them

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Yes. Funny you ask…had a repeat dream about the porch or dock or home office sinking into water and being ruined. Im obviously anxious about something not going right.

Yes, but a lot less as I get older. They use to be so vivid.