Do you feel worthless?

Empty… lifeless…worthless…


I have felt all those things. After many years of therapy and medical management such times happen much less often and do not last very long. If you have been feeling that way for an extended period of time, I would suggest going inpatient for help in learning how to manage these feelings.


Yup I do

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Yes, I believe we all have at some point. The thing is to recognize it and and talk to your Dr about it.depression is part of the side affects of Fibro.
Don’t let it take hold talk to your Dr have him/her refer you to a therapist to talk to.
God Bless 🙏 please get the help you need so you can live life the best way possible.


NOT ATM!!! & that’s all that’s important for this moment


My doctors & 1 particular LPC save me… FROM ME!!!

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I’m sorry to hear… what’s got you down?

More than I care to mention.

It’s worse after my health goes south and I can’t fix it.

I told my wife my biggest fear if dieing is being forgotten, I’m alive and I’m forgotten so how will it be any different when my heart stops2w2


Do you feel exhausted even after sleeping? Having trouble with energy to do anything