Diabetes in check

I weighed over 300 lbs. and had diabetes that just kept getting worse. I know this isn’t horrible but it was to me, my A1c got up to a little over 7. Finally I wised up and lost over 100 lbs. I’m no longer on medicine for my diabetes. And my A1c is down to 5.2. I feel so much better. I won’t say I’m cured because you’re never cured of diabetes.


Great job. How did you do it?

Congratulations. Your A1c is lower than my. My is at 6.5. I will be going to the fitness club later today and work with a trainer.

Congratulations!! How did you start out? Which exercise could you do? I weigh 201. And my last A1C was 7.3:: I had been down to 6.9:: and 185. But, I have had some family loss and when depressed I smoke,drunk. Well I quit all that. So, I went back to eating. Now, I need to get back in line again. Because my feet and legs are starting back to constantly hurting and burning.

Weight loss has been a success with me along with the use of trulicity along with my metformin and my insulin. I went from 160 units of insulin a day 2 64 units when I was put on Trulicity which I’m getting 1.5 mg.

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Good morning! I have had diabetes since 2010 and weighed 275 now I’ve had breast reduction surgery and lost 30 pounds. I started watching what I was putting in my mouth and now I am depressed so I started talking to a therapist but I need more help. Any suggestions?

No suggestions right now. But I am here If you need someone to talk to.

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Hello! I’m diabetic 54 yrs old . My AC1 6.7.
I’m having a hard time lowering that although everyday when I check my glucose it’s always 150 mostly after eating.
Sometimes I just don’t know what to add to my menu to give me a variety of foods and not be stuck eating same thing , I appreciate any suggestions.
Also how to loose 100 lbs basically how to start or what exercises to do … could just walking do it? Thanks again .

How often and long are you to workout in a week? What foods are we to stay away from to help with weight loss? My mid section is the problem. Please help me.

I ended up stopping using the trulicity because I end up having severe diarrhea. So it had to be stopped and then they ended up putting me on another med, Jacovia.

I happened to be reading this thread and I’m kinda in the same situation as “happier now”. I started off with 250lbs and it wasn’t really that tough to lose those unnecessary weights. I am now 180lbs with the help of strict diet with low or no carbs for 3 mths and a lot of cardio exercises initially walk and run 4x a week. I am off any kind of medication now and my hb1ac went from 7.2 to 5. Although it sounds incredible, it can work out with some checks and balances in diet.

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The problem is workouts 6 days. Cut things from diet started using electronics devices to help with tracking my intakes foods and exercise. Of course drinking water more. Had two surgeries 2019 so exercise had to stop. Now I’m at it again.

Hope you recovered well… I do understand your dilemma trying to trim her body don’t allow you to do so… don’t give up … take a step back and track a slower pace and set more realistic goals for yourself… I am very sure you will reach your fitness goal very soon. Cheers

What did you do to lose the weight

It certainly can! I’m doing it one pound at a time and as long as I’m going down in weight. I’m a happy camper. I’m walking 3x’s a week and really watching what I’m eating. I need your help as much as you need mine. We CAN do this! “ONE POUND AT A TIME”

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