Diabetes and me

I was recently diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy. I am seeing a retinal surgeon today to discuss my options. I have no idea how far along this disease is. I show almost every symptom that is described except complete blindness. Are my eyes to far along to do anything about them? On top of that I also have cataracts. Can things get more difficult for me? Earlier this year I fought 3 infections and had a toe amputated due to my diabetes. I am discouraged, depressed and fighting to many emotions right now. I feel like my body is giving up as one part of it gets healed another part becomes sick. The only good thing I can say is that my A1C has gone to down to a record low, only because I have been using a CGM. I fought my insurance for 4 months to get that. This is the first time I have written anything on CareZone. I’m just tired. I’ve been fighting major complications since April and one thing just leads to another.


I will add you to my prayer list and pray the Lord bless you and heals you


In my prayers god bless you


How was your recent A1c?


I also have retinopathy and cataracts. I have been seeing my retina doctor for 3 years. At first I was scared like you.
Take a deep breath do not panic just yet. Your retina specialist will help you understand the severity of your conditions.
With cataracts they have to be ripe before they talk about surgery. Take a list of any questions you might have. This will help you to not forget any one thing you are needing to know.
Diabeties is a challenge for sure. Keeping your A1c down is one of the best things you can do for your health.
I will 🙏 that your first visit will go well and you come home feeling a lot less anxious.
Stay well and gentle hugs to you.


I am sorry you are facing so many challenges lately. I am a diabetic also with neuropathy. I do not have retinopathy … yet. I have glaucoma in my family and have been borderline on that.
I know it all is scarey. There might be something they can do with the retinopathy. Do not lose hope until you see the Dr.
Praying for you.


My most recent A1C was 6.4