Diabetes 1

I have had diabetes for 10 years and still learning.


I have been the Son of a type 1 person and my Son was diagnosed type 1 just before his 10th birthday, he will soon be 23. I cannot remember a time when type 1 diabetes didn’t affect my life. I will say that treatment and understanding of the disease has come a long ways since my father was diagnosed. I wish you luck with your journey and management of type1 diabetes!


Me to. I really never thought about salt intake til now. Ok my wife as been telling me but I really never thought it to be true. And yes she was right. So two things learned salt bad and listen to my wife lol. Also really learn to read what is in what I eat and watch the serving size of what I eat. But sodium was a huge change for me. I dont add alot of salt when I cook but certain things salt goes so good on. So if anyone knows of a good salt substitute share. Back when I was a kid my stepfather used no-salt and it was nasty.


Did you father and son have the small pox, measle and mumps vaccines?

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vaccine? You have the small pox, measles, and mumps vaccinations?

My son did, but 6 months after the chicken pox vaccine, my son broke out with shingles. Six months after the shingles, he was diagnosed type 1 diabetic. So, we believe that the chicken pox vaccine was the culprit for our sons diabetes!!

Thank you. This has been my suspicion for over 10 years. Did your son also have the small pockets vaccination?

I’m not sure about small pox. I was in Uncle Sam’s Canoe Club, (NAVY) for 20+ years, so I have had every immunization you could think of, and some you’ve never heard of.

Thanks I will add this to my research

I’m fairly sure my son had the MMR (Measels, Mumps, and Rubella) vaccine, however, I am not sure what vaccines my Dad had. My Dad found out he had high blood sugar when he was drafted into the Army to fight in the Korean war. They sent him on to boot camp knowing he had high blood sugar…

If he was around for Korea, the he may or may not have had all of the same vaccines they have today except for the chicken pox vaccine.

Unfortunately there is no way of knowing. My research is on Small Pox to start.

I’ve been diabetic for about that long as well type 2 that is. And we have a bigger predator that we have to deal with especially if we’re in the 6270 year old age group. The Coronavirus is knocking at our door. Stay home stay in stay safe. God bless you and God bless those in America!