Depression and sleep

To me to be awake at nights because of insomnia was always normal until that normal got in the way of my life or someone elses normal. Help they gave me trazadone. I sleep well but feel drugged for sure.

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Laura K. Cummings


In my few months experience with Trazadone, the drugged feeling went away about 30 days of taking it. Now, I am back to having insomnia while taking it.


I took Trizadone for a time. It didn’t help me. We moved on to Ambien and, eventually, to the Lunesta I currently take. I now average about six hours of good sleep. Sending prayers that you find a med that works for you.

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Thank you for replying. I’ve been told that if I didn’t feel like I needed not to take it hopefully she will eventually try something else. I’m still not liking the feeling of such strong lethargia.

Thank you for reading,
Laura Cummings

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Trazodone seems to work differently for everyone. It doesn’t do anything for me. For others it works great with no daytime sleepiness. Try taking it earlier in the evening like 8 or 9. It seems to have a latent onset so perhaps taking it earlier will deter daytime sleepiness

Sport will help you to get tired and fall asleep faster.

They tried trazadone with me it always left me feeling hung over I complained to my doc and this genius put me on prazsosin that was a disaster it actually a blood pressure medication and he refused to change it lucky for me he retired and a got a new doc first thing she did was to put me on an actual sleeping pill problem solved

Have you had a sleep study for apnea.
Lots of people do realize they have it.
CPAP machine is great, I get must better sleep

Reply no need for a sleep study mine is because or comes from mental health issues.

L. Kham Cummings