Depression and anxiety


I also see a psychologist who and whom I can see often. Sometimes I take my husband sometimes I don’t. I feel sorry for him he has taken on so many tasks. I know part of my depression is partly due to the fact that my best friend moved away her husband has cancer. I am very sorry for them but I miss my best friend.


Yes my depression use to only be seasonal in the winter. But have had much more to deal with now. Big changes because I am now disabled


I have been disabled since I was 33 and am now 61. Mine was a mental illness…so what are your difficulties? I go from day to day…trying to make it … If I didn’t have Jesus and his Blessed Mother Mary to watch over me I would have no idea what I would do…


Have fibromyalgia though I was still working full time as a physical therapy assistant. I rode a bicycle, hiked, camped and danced. I started having some issues with my balance in the fall of 2015. I fell in July 2016 dislocated and shattered my right elbow. I was off work 6 months. While I was off I saw a new neurologist who discovered that my balance issues where coming from spinal stenosis in my back. I saw a spinal surgeon. While waiting for surgery I went back to work for 3 months but wasn’t able to safely maintain productivity standards. I had surgery in July 2017 and have been off since. Have had several falls in the last seven months. Unfortunately let the pressure on my back nerves go too long. I have other health issues but the balance is what really stopped me.


Understand. I was not sure if you had started with the medical professionals first. I have dealt with both for over 10 years and still learn every day about what I deal with and what triggers


Hi so i have really bad anxiety. At one point it was so bad that they thought it was depression in that I was suicidal. but I soon learned that talking is one of the best ways to help with all of it. also for me finding something to replace those feelings helped me so I turned more towards music. I’m always here for you ever need to talk


I also had back surgery in July of 17 in Washington state…it took 2 years to my left leg has begun to really hurt as it was my left leg right out of surgery that I had trouble with. Been in physical therapy for 4 weeks now not helping. I’m so sorry your best friend moved away…maybe you can make a new friend or friends by joining something or volunteering somewhere. Hospitals always need people and some schools to help children learn their alphabet or learn how to read etc…I hope you don’t despair…there’s always another brighter tomorrow…


All I can say is that we all have to be strong and healthy


I apologize for not answering back to everyone! I am actually in the process of moving into a bigger and better place. I have been feeling a bit better but still very anxious! So many things happening all at once but hopefully it will be for the better. Thank you for you advice! I went to the dollar store and got myself some Mandala coloring books, puzzles and downloaded some music onto my phone. I even downloaded some games and books on to my tablet. And I am taking it one day at a time! God bless you all and may we all get through this together 💕


Celexa 40mg will help. I love that stuff!


Evelyn that is so cool. All those steps you took (getting ready then going to the store and downloading books) I commend you on working toward healing!!


I also talk to a doctor. I find that writing in a journal helps. I surround myself with a lot of friends. I pray a lot. Know that we are all here for you. Take one day at a time. I exercising also helps me cope with depression. Just know you are not alone.


I have a Anxiety disorder what do i do?


Therapy and medication. Being consistent has been very good for me. Depression is my life I’ve been depressed throughout my life. In my mid 40’s I finally took the medication and began serious therapy. That was 20 yrs ago. For me depression, anxiety are permanent, but kept under control with meds


Here’s some advice to cope with your mantal illness I do them and learn to cope with my mental illness I tend to listen to relaxing music and I tend to close my eyes and imagine to be in a nice place a place you would like to go or visit I tend to elimante every sound just imagine your in a Paradise with only the sound of the waves of the ocean and that usually calms me down and I get stable


So I’m have a really bad anxiety attack at the moment! My 20 year old daughter has just admitted herself to the hospital for suicidal thoughts and was almost acting on it! I know that is where she needs to be right now but I feel helpless!!! My head wants to explode! Has anyone been through that process that can help me understand what she will be going through. They won’t talk to me or disclose anything because she is of age. I feel so helpless right now! I’m going insane!


I have depression and Anxiety


Still like to chat or gets some tips for self soothing anxiety let me know! Be glad to answer any questions or help in any way!


Hi Evelyn,
Post partum depression was my first time dealing. I can tell you that meds and good therapist are essential. Also, accepting what goes along w this. Classes are offered in most communities, check them out. If you on facebook, check out the closed private groups. There are other resources available. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!


God is my source. He has been w me through every step. My daughter is now over 40; a Bible teacher who shows no signs of depression. We prayed…
Dont forgst your Bible abd prayer.